The Role of Beauty Sleep


Sleep is when both the mind and body can shut down and recover from a hard day’s work. It is an active period where your body repairs, restores, and strengthens itself and gets you ready for a brand new day. One of the most critical roles of sleep is to help you consolidate memories. When it comes to your beauty routine, good quality rest is the closest thing you can find to the elixir of youth. If you are getting 7 to 9 hours of good uninterrupted sleep regularly, you have understood beauty sleep meaning.

Why Do We Need Beauty Sleep?

If you begin to get less than six and a half hours of good quality sleep over an extended period, there’s a good chance that your beauty as well as overall health will get compromised. Here are some of the main reasons why beauty sleep is essential.

  • Fewer Wrinkles
  • Glowing Complexion
  • Get Rid of Puffy Eyes
  • Slow Down the Aging Process
  • Better Mood
  • Less Sleep Accelerates Weight Gain

Fewer Wrinkles

Your skin produces a compound known as collagen when sleeping. Collagen prevents sagging of the skin as well as keeps it moisturized. You will notice several fine lines spread across your forehead if you are not getting sufficient sleep at night. With time, these wrinkles will get more pronounced, and your face will no longer have the youthful glow it once had. Hence, make sure to get a good night’s sleep everyday to boost collagen production that will ensure a bright, youthful glow.

Glowing Complexion

Good sleep helps boost the blood flow throughout your body. During this period, blood vessels are allowed to distribute oxygenated blood throughout your body without any disturbance. This oxygenated blood is excellent for repairing damaged cells and promoting muscle growth. If you seek a healthy and glowing complexion ensure that you are getting 7-8 hours of beauty sleep each night.

Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Those of us who have dark circles will understand how hard and cumbersome it is to conceal them once they start appearing. The skin under the eyes is some of the thinnest and most delicate in the entire body. Dark circles become noticeable because the skin under your eye-lids is ultra-thin, and any changes under it can be visible on the outside. Not getting enough sleep increases your stress. When stress increases, the circulation of the blood in the skin is redirected to the major organs. Due to this poor circulation, there is a buildup of deoxygenated blood that makes dark circles more evident.

Slow Down the Aging Process

Researchers at UCLA discovered that a good night’s sleep is vital in deciding the aging rate in adults. Even a single night of poor sleep can result in quicker aging of cells, especially those of the skin. Although this may not seem that bad to begin with, the complications of improper sleep, such as heart disease and cancer, will take a toll on your looks and appearance.

Not Getting Sufficient Sleep Affects Your Mood

Some people like to believe that the most attractive thing about a person is their personality. If you don’t get sufficient sleep, then, in the long run, this will affect your mood and well-being. Without getting adequate sleep, you can be more irritable and less attentive. Both of these are traits that push people away and make them seem less attractive. Truly understanding beauty sleep meaning will be realizing that a good night’s sleep will help you maintain your radiant personality and give you a positive outlook towards life as well. People love the positive energy, and your attractiveness in everyone’s eyes will significantly be improved.

Less Sleep Accelerates Weight Gain

Can a lack of sleep cause a gain in weight? According to several studies, this is true. Having an irregular and insufficient sleep schedule can result in you reaching for calorie-rich snacks to get an extra sugar boost to make it throughout the day. Besides, you will be longing for sleep while doing your regular daily chores. On the days where people don’t get enough sleep at night, they are more likely to skip the gym and be more lethargic.

Final Thoughts: What Can I Do to Ensure My Beauty Sleep

Drink Water Regularly and Stay Hydrated:

Staying hydrated and healthy during the day can ensure that your body gets to sleep at the right time. Proper hydration not only aids in other bodily functions but also enhances one’s sleep. It keeps you energized throughout the day and will ensure that the sleep you get at night is uninterrupted.

Get Rid of All Distractions Before Going to Bed

About 30 minutes before you go to sleep, prepare to get rid of all the distractions around you. Put your phone on silent mode and make sure that you don’t use it for the rest of the night. If you are someone who spends a lot of time working on your laptop, consider reading a paperback book before sleeping. Finally, if you live in a crowded and noisy area, put on a pair of earbuds to block out all of the disturbances.

Avoid Caffeine Before Sleeping and Make the Right Lifestyle Choices

Caffeine is one of the worst drinks to have before going to sleep. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, then it is essential to make some proper lifestyle changes before bed. Avoid alcoholic drinks before bed because although alcohol makes you drowsy, it inhibits your ability to get the deep sleep necessary for a healthy mind. By following the tips mentioned above, you will get your daily dose of beauty sleep and look youthful always.

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