The Pros and Cons of Mouthwash

by Kevin Smith Author

The need for mouthwash, as it pertains to oral health, has people on both sides of the fence. Some are concerned about the fluoride and alcohol content in mouthwashes, with the idea that it may cause negative health effects down the line. However, the makers of the mouthwashes promote it as being a plaque removing, teeth whitening, gum-disease fighting, bacteria-killing machine. The answer may lie somewhere in the middle. Here are the pros and cons of mouthwash. Visit a dentist in Fairbanks for any of your oral healthcare needs.

 Cavity Reduction

 Mouthwash can be one step towards your cavity prevention plan. Mouthwash rinses help reduce cavities. Many studies have been conducted that prove this to be true. Regularly rinsing with mouthwash can help reduce the breakdown of your teeth and other forms of tooth decay, such as cavities.

 Temporary Bad Breath Cologne

 Mouthwash can usually only hide bad breath temporarily. Yes, it can make your breath smell more fresh, but that oh-so-fresh scent may not last as long as you would like for it to. Mouthwash is not a miracle worker. If you practice inconsistent or poor oral health practices and you don’t properly brush your teeth, it doesn’t matter how much mouthwash you flood into your mouth in an attempt to mask poor oral hygiene habits. It may give you the smell you want temporarily, but it will be short-lived. Using mouthwash with poor oral health habits is often compared to not taking a bath, but using a cologne or perfume in an attempt to cover up the smell. You may get the rose smell you crave, but it will be the rose smell mixed with unpleasant undertones or overtones.

 Fights Against Gum Disease

 When food is allowed to linger on your teeth, it can create bacteria which leads to plaque. This can cause an infection in the tooth sockets and gums and cause them to become inflamed, like in the case of gingivitis. Using a mouthwash that fights against bacteria, for example, one with chlorhexidine or alcohol, may help in the prevention of gum disease.

Irritate Tender Spots in Your Mouth

 If you have sensitive areas of your mouth, the mouthwash can cause irritation to it. This can be the case with canker sores. The mouthwash can end up causing irritation to the sore or sensitive area. This can especially be the case if there is too much alcohol in your mouthwash.

 This is just to name a few of the real pros and cons of using mouthwash.

 Visit a dentist in Fairbanks for any of your oral healthcare needs.

 Summary: Is mouthwash good or bad for you? There are people standing on both sides of the fence. Know the pros and cons.

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