The polishing process of two kinds of stainless steel pipes

by yane Yang Sales Manager
In all kinds of stainless steel pipe processing, polishing is a way of finishing the surface of stainless steel pipes by using flexible polishing tools and abrasive particles or similar media. It can not only get smooth surface or mirror gloss, but also eliminate gloss.
Polishing wheels are commonly used for polishing tools. The polishing wheel is mainly made up of multilayer canvas, felt or leather. The two sides are clamped by metal circular plate. The rim is coated by the mixture of micro powder and grease.
At the time of polishing, the high-speed rotation of the polishing wheel pressure to the workpiece, the abrasive on the formation of rolling and micro cutting surface of stainless steel pipe fittings, in order to obtain the surface bright, stainless steel pipe surface roughness usually reach Ra0.63 ~ 0.01 micron; when the extinction of polishing agent using non oily, to extinction on the stainless steel pipe bright surface.
When a thick cast steel ball, put a lot of lime and abrasive placed in the pot drum tilt in the rotation of the cylinder, and the abrasive can make the steel ball in pipe random rolling collision to remove the front surface of the convex surface roughness decreases to about 0.01mm, be able to get rid of the allowance. Fine polishing in barrels loaded into the stainless steel ball and fur pieces, the continuous rotation of hours will be able to obtain bright surface.
The overall polishing process includes scraping grinding, coarse grinding, medium grinding, fine grinding, polishing, edge grinding and chamfering. When polishing is used, the water is cooled to remove a large amount of heat from the surface of the working face to avoid the cracking of the products.
After polishing, it must be dried and wax coated on the surface to improve the anti fouling ability of the stainless steel pipe and improve the gloss of the products.
Another way of polishing is electrolytic polishing. It is a kind of surface treatment technology, which uses stainless steel in the electrolyte to selectively and anodized to achieve the purpose of polishing and cleaning the surface. By controlling the current density, solution viscosity and temperature, the stainless steel pipe can be selectively dissolved in the electrolyte, so as to achieve the purpose of electrochemical leveling and polishing.
The whole process of electrolytic polishing is to first use mechanical polishing to polish the oxide scales and defects of the surface of stainless steel pipes, so that the treated surface reaches a preliminary roughness, and then electrolysis is used to further improve the smoothness of the treated surface.
Mechanical polishing is macroscopically eliminating the oxide scales and defects of the surface. Electrolytic polishing is a micro leveling process, which will further enhance the physicochemical properties of the surface of stainless steel pipes.
Source: China Stainless Steel Pipes Manufacturer - Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (

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