The Physical & Mental Benefits of Regular Exercising

by Samiksha S. Author

We have all grown up hearing proverbs like ‘health is wealth’ or ‘a healthy mind lives in a healthy body,’ and so on. And, that morning walk you never miss or the stairs you take to the office instead of the elevators are all proof that you have taken these proverbs seriously in your life. But, what about making our children understand the value of the time-tested sayings? When they are not involved in their studies, their world is largely dominated by the digital tech, which leaves them with hardly any time or interest to devote to regular exercising.

However, this needs to change, and the values of fitness and good health have to be realized by the kids at an early age. With that in mind, in this article today, we, at Yuvashakti Model School, one among the leading schools in sector 3 Rohini, Delhi, have brought to you a discussion on the physical and mental benefits of regular exercising.

Benefits of exercising for physical health

The primary benefit of daily exercising, regardless of age, is to help in maintaining healthy body weight. Furthermore, physical activity is also crucial in building healthy bones and keeping the muscles, lungs, and heart in good shape. In fact, regular activity can also help in easing back pain and cramps because it helps the body to produce hormones known as endorphins, which are natural painkillers.

More importantly, embracing regular exercising from a young age also reduces the health risks, and keeps several cardiovascular and metabolic diseases at bay. It also works towards improving the immune system of the body, which has a direct impact on keeping the body protected from seasonal diseases and recurrent sickness.

Merits of exercising for brain function

Regular exercising also plays a major role in brain development and supporting essential mental functions. There are several cognitive enhancements brought on by daily exercising, such as improved motor skills (e.g. hand-eye coordination), better problem-solving and thinking, stronger attention skills, and higher knowledge retention. And, it is not surprising that all of these factors culminate to benefit the academic performance of our children. In fact, even the simple act of playing with friends in the playground can be beneficial in leaving a positive impact on their mental abilities.

Significance of physical activity for mental health

We, a Yuvashakti, understand that when children have a bad day or feel anxious about something, physical activity is probably the last thing on their minds. However, even in such times, it is essential to encourage them to partake in some light or moderate exercising as it is immensely helpful towards maintaining their mental wellbeing.

The endorphins that we mentioned before are also known as “feel-good” brain chemicals. These are released by the brain at the time of exercising, and they aid in improving energy levels, uplifting mood, and ensuring sound sleep. When combined together, all these factors help in augmenting mental resilience and self-confidence in the young ones. Moreover, studies have also revealed that kids who get their daily dose of physical activity are also sound sleepers, which is again vital for their physical as well as mental health.

Impact on the improvement of body image

When children notice and appreciate how fun it is to get to run, walk, stretch, jump, dance, and play, they are more likely to want to continue enjoying being active all through their life. Appreciating and noticing what their body can do, instead of how it looks, is one of the first steps to help your child build a positive body image and self-confidence. And we, at Yuvashakti, consider it to be highly important for kids to develop this awareness as soon as possible so that they can live by it throughout their lifetime.

At Yuvashakti Model School, we have always strived to offer our pupils ample opportunities to remain active and agile. Through the multiple options in physical activities that are laid out for them at our institution, we have made sure that they get their daily dose of exercising within their school hours itself. And, we are sure that the parents are continuing to make this effort at home, as well.

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