The Most Useful WordPress Plugins Your Website Must Have

by Brittany Wolfe Content Writer

Much of the versatility associated with WordPress can be traced to its plugins. The reason why amateur web developers are able to add features not automatically available with their WP plan is thanks to plugins. Features that do come with their plan can be improved by adding some plugins. These extensions make the webmaster’s job easier as they don’t need to learn and play around with PHP codes to add the features that they want to. But with over tens of thousands of plugins, it can be confusing for a web designer to know the right ones to pick without some WordPress help in Broomfield. Following are some plugins a WP site should definitely have:

WP Rocket (Caching Plugin)
If the name didn’t give it away, this plugin is all about increasing your website’s loading speed. It does this by creating cached copies of your webpages. Loading speed is a major concern for website owners because t hey lose 53 percent of their visitors if their site takes longer than three seconds. This increases their bounce rate which in turn decreases their SEO grading. By caching your webpages, your site can load faster as the server it is hosted on does not have to work too hard. It is more effective than compressing image files. WP Rocket decreases loading speed by 63 percent on average.

Sucuri (Security Plugin)
With the digital space comes the risk of running into malware that can cause the website to crash and its data to be misused, especially on e-commerce sites. This is why the people on WordPress help in Broomfield will recommend you to secure your website with plugins like Sucuri. Sucuri’s website security platform provides many useful features for the purpose. It’s cloud-based web app firewall filters unwanted traffic. It detects and patches holes in the WP site’s codes and prevents DDoS attacks. It also scans the site for malware and removes them effectively. And the best part is that no devices can access your website unless you whitelist their IP address first.

Smush (Image Compression & Optimization Plugin)
Large image files are often the main culprit behind the slow loading speed of webpages. This especially becomes a problem with smartphones even with a responsive design. It’s because responsive design only downscales the image to fit the screen but its memory size is still very much the same. To prevent this problem it is important to compress the images to the minimum size possible. This can be achieved with Smush that can compress, resize and optimize all the images online in a day. Smush is considered one of the best if not the best among image compression plugins.

Yoast SEO
Search engines are the most likely sources of web traffic for any given website which is why it is important to optimize your site to ensure that you get the maximum traffic. Yoast SEO is a favorite among SEO experts for the task. It focuses on creating user-friendly content to improve your WP site’s ranking on the result pages. Yoast does this by letting you type in a focus keyword and calculating its density in the text to ensure that it is high enough to register on the SERPs but low enough to not be penalized by algorithms. The plugin also checks the readability of the text, ranking it to ensure that you are giving your readers a good read.

Revive Old Post (Social Media Marketing Plugin)
Social media accounts for about 30 percent of leads to the website. Facebook with 2 billion users and Twitter with 300 million users are simply hard to ignore for the potential they hold. Ever post on these social networking sites can increase the chances of tapping into the potential customer base. Revive Old Post is designed to drive traffic to your URL through your social media accounts. It takes your site’s new and old content to share them on Twitter and Facebook automatically driving your traffic. You can schedule your posts and add backlinks and hashtags as well.

These are just some useful plugins that every WP site must include for a smooth and user-friendly experience.

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