The main things to consider when choosing a reseller of CCTV cameras.

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In this article, you will learn more about the things to consider when choosing a camera dealer. Security today is a major concern worldwide. Whether in any business, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, grocery stores, highways, school premises, living quarters etc.


Security covers different entities and different aspects. In the case of a shopping center, it must cover the payment counter and the main shopping area. While, for a business, this means keeping an eye on every nook and cranny of the place, as well as an outdoor security camera to monitor the comings and goings.


We often see a sign saying "these premises are under video surveillance" almost everywhere. In addition, users must be made aware at another level, when selecting a reseller of video surveillance cameras.


Be clear about what you want.


It is of utmost importance that, as a consumer, you decide what your needs are for your establishment or your home. Understand the hidden corners of your space and the type of activity you want to monitor. For example, you will need a dealer specializing in outdoor security cameras if you want to monitor your office surroundings. On this basis, choose the dealer who has a specialty in service.


The dealer must have a full understanding of a clear explanation of your needs and requirements in order to be able to draw a conclusion and decide what type of equipment you need. This relationship is important to establish. If a wrong impression is given to a reseller, it will lead to a misunderstanding of needs and requirements and will therefore lead to the personalization of a bad system for your space.


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Be aware of your budget.


We all have budgetary constraints or restrictions; we can call it a kind of enemy. You need to know how much you can spend on CCTV cameras in Chicago and therefore you need to know what type of CCTV to buy. You can use a reseller of night vision cameras longer than 10m if the budget is high or a rudimentary reseller offering 7-foot coverage and simple, quality vision.


In case you don't know what budget you can allocate, you could be deceived by unreliable and questionable dealers who will offer high prices for basic surveillance cameras. You need to know your budget well to make an informed decision without being deceived in terms of money.


 Research and compare.


We compare prices, etc. for the items we want to buy on different websites in order to find the best deal possible, even when we are checking a pair of shoes. It is imperative to use such instincts when looking for a CCTV dealer.


 Find a group of resellers, make calls and get a preliminary inquiry into the nature of their services. Make a service table and a price list. Analyze your discoveries and move forward to make a decision. In this way, you not only discover the quality of the dealer, but you also look for the cheapest service.



Get professional service.


Read comments on the dealer's work culture. There are many websites offering customer reviews indicating how professional the reseller is. You can get real first-hand information about dealers from such reviews. If you can, you should try contacting one of their previous customers (you can find their contact information on these websites) to discuss the reseller.


Learn about the reliability and effectiveness of their products and how they work after installation. Check if they are authorized suppliers of major brands of CCTV cameras such as LG, Samsung, Sony or Bosch. The supply of products authorized by these companies will strengthen the credibility of the reseller.

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Do not forget the after-sales service.


The relationship between you and your dealer does not end once the dealer has finished installing cameras on your premises. Real service begins after the game. The reseller must always be ready to accept a request for assistance after purchase. It should record the data somewhere on the details of the customer's problems once the transaction is completed.


Have an in-depth discussion with your reseller on the indicators for after-sales services and accept them only if their promises are adequate and satisfactory. On the subject, you should also discuss maintenance contracts. Make sure the reseller is willing to give you a warranty for their services.


5 types of IP video surveillance cameras.


IP cameras are increasingly chosen by consumers who find more options, more reliability and better efficiency. There are also several types of which it is important to know the specifics to maximize their effectiveness.


Centralized or decentralized IP cameras.


Centralized IP cameras record all activity on a videotape and maintain a central video recorder to which all cameras are linked daily. This central recorder records the activities taking place in your store or home so you can view the footage at any time, even after a camera is broken or stolen.


Distributed IP cameras are not connected to any central video recorder; rather, they have their own storage capacity, usually a hard drive or USB key to store security images. Decentralized storage means you have the least chance of losing all surveillance and security images at the same time.


Wired and wireless IP cameras.


Wired security cameras are connected to the Internet or your local network via Ethernet cables. With wired cameras, you rarely have the chance to deal with an interruption, as they offer maximum speed and maximum bandwidth.


Wired IP cameras also provide high definition images and allow zoom in up to 1000x, if necessary. In addition, wired cameras are more secure and cannot be hacked by a third party.


Fixed IP cameras, as their name suggests, are installed in a fixed position providing people with certain fixed viewing angles. A fixed network camera is exemplary in the same area every day. Although these cameras are fixed, users can, if necessary, improve their functionality using various lenses.


Opposed to this type of camera, a PTZ IP camera can easily be tilted and zoomed at any time. You can control a PTZ security camera using your hands or automatically. They allow people to study an area from different angles and directions. Therefore, you can easily follow a particular object and zoom in to see more clearly.



Fixed and PTZ IP cameras are delivered in boxes; However, you can also purchase dome IP cameras to improve the appearance of your security cameras in Chicago. IP Box cameras can be easily seen from any angle or in any direction. It becomes easier for intruders to find all the cameras and break or steal them.


IP Dome cameras can be easily protected, making it easy to play video clips of all activities and objects on a daily basis. The IP Box camera is used for indoor security while the IP Dome cameras can be simply installed outside.


 Day and night IP cameras.


Day cameras can be purchased to monitor areas during the day. However, if you also want night surveillance, you should switch to a camera that allows you to get clear pictures of objects at night or in low light.


Day and night security cameras generate day and night color images that use infrared light to produce black and white images.


The main reasons why people opt for fast dome type cameras.


In this article, you will find out the main reasons why people opt for fast dome cameras. Dome security cameras take their name from the dome-shaped housings, designed to defy all elements. Dome CCTV cameras are widely used inside and outside the home, on ceilings, in retail stores, hotels, etc. Below are several advantages of fast dome cameras.


1: Camera control options.


The first reason is simply the camera control option. Control multiple cameras from a single location and a single controller.


The IP joystick is ideal for controlling cameras in remote locations over long distances on your network. With advanced Power over Ethernet cameras, it is now possible to provide video control and power to your cameras via a single CAT5 connection.


2: Installation options.


The second reason concerns the manageable PTZ camera installation options. PTZ cameras are compact and discreet. There are various places where you can install them, for example fixed to the wall, the ceiling, on a pole, on a tripod or simply on a desk.

3: Control software.


Once your cameras are on the same network as your computer, you can take control of multiple cameras in a single web browser.


The open source control software is free and unconditional. It is therefore an ideal camera control option for low budget installations.


4: Camera presets.


Several services have the same things happening in the same places from week to week. You can configure a preset camera to instantly frame a photo without having to use the controls. You can even manage multiple camera presets simultaneously and blend them together, giving a more precise finish to production.


5: Advanced camera control software.


Advanced camera control software takes your camera control skills to the TV broadcast studio level with the ability to control up to 28 cameras. The Preset Viewer allows your team to display the camera presets overlaid on an indoor image.


6: Variable speed control.


Having security camera movements will spoil the desired rendering, so it is essential to have fluid camera movements at variable speed. With a little training and well-planned presets, no one will recognize that your detects are all robotic.

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7: Camera commands in chaining.


PTZ optical cameras allow you to chain multiple cameras in series, reducing the number of cables required.


8: Easy IP control.


Once you have connected the PTZ camera to your network, it immediately becomes active. Each video address can be assigned an IP address which can be used for easy camera control, live streaming and setting.


Benefits of IP surveillance for store security.


In this article, you will discover the benefits of IP surveillance for retailer security. This quality gives businesses the opportunity to see clearly what is going on right or wrong in and around their facilities. Below are several advantages:


1.  Reduce loss, theft and vandalism.


Let's start with the undeniable advantages of a digital system, as opposed to analog. Digital surveillance cameras capture and store more video than analog systems, but the bulk of the video stream is also significantly higher. Digital video cameras offer high definition precision and wide viewing angles.


2.  Easier installation and more efficient implementation.


Digital systems can be placed more easily than analog systems, require less equipment, and can help your security team operate the surveillance system more efficiently.


Analog surveillance systems require complex camera wiring to be able to view multiple video streams. Today's exceptional digital surveillance systems require much less installation and maintenance work.


3. Improve storage and accessibility.


Most analog surveillance systems use tape recorders to record video footage. This reduces the amount of video that can be stored and the ease of access for this footage.


Digital video surveillance systems collect all the footage that your cameras capture on DVR systems (digital video recorders) with a large storage space. This indicates that your security team will also be able to store more surveillance footage with digital than with analog.



4.  Activate remote monitoring.


This could be the most overlooked benefit of a digital surveillance system. With a highly integrated digital video system, you can observe the activity of your surveillance devices anywhere in the world, provided you have an Internet connection. You can log into your security system from any of these media and view live streams or access archived footage.


5.  Reduce costs and increase system size more easily.


The first is the most important, digital video surveillance is more economical than its analog counterpart. A digital system controls less physical infrastructure (fewer cables) than an analog system. And, as mentioned above, digital streams can be compressed and recorded using less space than analog video.


6.  Save time with distributed intelligence.


With an innovative digital surveillance system closely monitoring your company's activities and countless hours of video capture, who will have time to watch each hour of filming? Analog systems have flaws in the security coverage that digital systems fill with shared intelligence.


7.  Upgrade your management software.


Digital video surveillance systems are used with current management software from the moment they are installed on site. The integration of management software offers the advantage of being able to explore the archived sequences according to many factors (time stamp, location, etc.) and the possibility of accessing any camera feed from any location.

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