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With modern advancements in the world of virtual reality headsets along with an influx of watching music concerts online in the recent era, now it is time to analyze and look at; what is working well in virtual concert and what can be improved. I first commented on the state of virtual concerts in 2016 and then again, a year later.

This year has successfully brought significant growth in virtual concerts that are extremely highlighted by the ten million+ people who attended several mega concerts and watch music concerts online such as; the Marshmello concert in Fortnite. People are also exclusively influenced by new and classic versions of virtual reality headset hardware that falls in an affordable price range as well as easier to use.

Before we dive into our actual topic, let us discuss the thrilling participation of people in virtual concerts. The number of such appreciating people is growing every day. It is proved by one of the concerts held in Oculus Venues of Billie Eilish. Many people loved the experience of watching music concerts online with their friends at the very same time as they are, even with the help of their virtual reality headsets.

Many of the virtual concert lovers state that experiencing music in an exclusive virtual space along with their friends is nothing less than a magic feeling. It is very important to understand this point; there is a clear distinction between the two; a virtual concert and a concert in virtual reality. A virtual concert is defined to be an amorphous term. It could mean anything from a concert that is created in virtual space to a concert that is viewed in virtual space. It may also include the one that is simply viewed remotely, with the help of streaming web services.

A concert in VR refers to an entirely different phenomenon. It means; watching music concerts online with the help of a virtual reality headset. Virtual concerts have an extremely higher level of presence. This is because the fan is immersed in the experience and surrounded by spatial content. This content can be computer-generated or 360 video one.

Fortunately, there are many top-class benefits of virtual concerts that exist across all the possible platforms. Below we have discussed a few:

•    Watching a popular artist whom you love, without leaving the comfort zone of your living room’s couch. You simply watch music concert online.
•    No need for tucking behind people that are taller than you and block your vision towards the stage.
•    You have the ability to adjust the volume as per your taste, as loud as you and vice versa.
•    No need to wait in long lines for the restroom, simply watch music concert online.
•    You can easily avoid anyone who is talking aloud.
•    You can easily enjoy incredible views of the stage that are never really possible at most of the big shows.

Not only this but there are still a lot of opportunities to make these virtual concert experiences much better, more immersive, more engaging, more thrilling, and more fun.

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