The last verdict on which is better, Flash games or HTML5

by bhaskar janagani You Learn More From Failure Than From Success

The debate on Flash games and HTML5 is nothing new for tech junkies, as taking sides on online games gets you nowhere. However, there are rational ways we can find out which one is better. They are both just tools, believe it or not, both tools have a devoted fan clubs who have a lot to say about their respective favorite tool.     

In 2012 there was test trail by FlashvsHtml to compare the tools by designing the same game in both the tools. The game was waste invaders a proof of concept game to test the abilities of both the tools. Flash Player level was challenged to test its capabilities and soon they realized that it was an iOS app (Adobe Air), they ported the same game to HTML and this is what they found.

There are many users for both the games and are rooting for their favorite one, but when it came down to the accuracy of desktop browser support, 99% of desktop browser supported the flash player whereas 83% supported the HTML5 canvas factor.

Hardware accelerated 3D is a usage factor for gamers, as lagging in the device can ruin the gameplay, so according to the trial, 81%  accounted on Flash Player 11’s side for audience penetration, whereas HTML5’s WebGL is supported by 53% of browsers.

Files distribution of both the tools are somewhat same but still a lot of different, Flash accumulating of SWFs its experience can me re-hosted and shared as a particular file.  The nature of HTML5 API is that its base assets are loaded as a single file, but needs careful management of file when hosting to other sites.

Flash stands on the top when it comes down to Visual authoring. Flash IDE is a huge plus for new designers and developers as it has a big userbase and equally big community. While HTML authoring is still in its beginning development, that clearly is a big lacking point with no obvious industry standards. 

While it’s all cut to cut with most of the factors but when it comes to the Mobile browser HTML5 wins with it all, canvas is supported by almost all present mobile browsers OS’s WebGL is also gaining support on running on Android chrome, while Flash has a plug-in but have discontinued it for mobile users. There are lots of website are available but few websites provides quality games like Meramaal. Provides 200+ free HTML5 online games . Also weekly one new game being added based on user interests and market trends.

So it becomes very clear that even though we love both the tools free games, Flash is very much dead in compared to HTML5. Yes, Flash is amazing for online games as it plays the best visual and audio seamlessly on any device, while in the world games mostly played on mobile screen Flash has no future.

Whereas HTML 5 gained popularity after Flash got hit by YouTube when it removed the support of the tool. It is better than Flash in all characteristics, so there is no doubt that HTML as an upper hand as it provides open standards for new developers. Even though HTML is used for developing online games, Flash still has a place in it for tons of things and it’s hard for any Flash fan to give up on free games of Flash that easily. So both of them are equally loved.


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