The Ins and outs of celebrity fashion photography

by Kavi H. SEO Expert and Experienced Link Builder

Celebrity fashion photography- one of the most awarding and prolific kinds of photography, is a flourishing business and makes up for a large part of the show biz. A photographer is assigned various projects, where he has to go and meet the actors and take their portraits. These are for movie promotion material; magazine covers and other product ads for which they are brand ambassadors. Many of these shoots are done on urgent basis and most of the times, a photographer needs to move quickly, considering the tight schedule of actors. He may be a starlet or a big movie star, they always have to get somewhere fast.

Celebrity photo shoot companies/ photographers profit a lot during the awards seasons- Oscars, BAFTA, Emmy, etc. Also, companies bring in well-known celebrities to model for their products and be present at the product launch. All the celebrities are in a rush to get themselves clicked for popular newsprints, magazines and blogs. Fashion photographers are hired by these newspapers and magazines to photo shoot these celebs for their columns and articles. It’s a multi-billion-dollar business. These celebrities get their photos clicked and have their interviews taken. The magazines pull in advertisers to place their ads alongside their interviews, and thereby generate revenue. This is a circle in which money flows from magazine to actors and photographers, and then from the advertisers to the magazine.

Being such a big business industry, it needs the sophistication and professional knowledge of experienced photographers who know their job and can add a specific charm to that portrait. It’s the name that matters here. Photography company Photographytoremember says this name is earned over years of hard work and experience, in addition to good contacts with the celebs and leading photo agencies. It is all about show biz and one’s appearance is all that matters. For this reason and need of looking good, almost all the celebs have their choice of photographers whom they, specifically, ask to click their photos, whenever such an occasion comes.

There are certain tips that need to be kept in mind by a celebrity fashion photographer.

These are as follows:

Work over the theme with your stylist and editor- The editor will first of all, give you a brief that has been given to him by the client. Your first job is to get your stylist and work out a suitable theme around the brief. You, then, need to discuss this theme elaborately with the editor, explaining him clearly why you think this theme would work. As it is fashion photography, you need to carefully decide with your stylist, the entire look and feel of the studio and the kind of props to be used.

Study the celebrity’s personality and envision the best pose for him- Every celebrity has a distinct personality of his/ her own. This needs to be aligned with the theme of the photo shoot by the photographer. This can be done only by a careful analysis of the celeb’s body language, and their body of work/ lifestyle patterns that they have maintained. Remember, the idea is to put them across as people with whom the viewer can relate and accept. In short, the theme and the props, all are to be in accordance to the celeb’s age, gender, lifestyle and work.

Make a style statement with the right kind of fashion- Not everything looks good on everyone. You need to be a keen observer and depending upon the celeb’s build, height, age and looks, you choose the right kind of clothes for the shoot. The colour of clothes should go well with the theme and colour of the background and other accessories.

Get everything ready, well in advance- A celebrity has no time to stop. He has to run from one place to another to attend events, meetings and parties. So, you better make sure that when the celeb arrives at the sets on the D-Day, everything is already in its right place and that you are ready to click. Remember, most of them are short tempered; time crunch plays a big spoil sport.

Build up a good rapport with your subject- You will be able to take good photos only when you are comfortable with your subject, and he with you. Either you both know each other already, or you don’t. Small talks will help break the ice, followed by your appreciation of his previous work or photo in ‘xyz’ magazine. Compliment him in between the shots, but don’t overdo it; your good conduct will make a mark on him and who knows, from next time, he would only prefer you for all other photo-shoots.

A good celebrity fashion photography shoot means, – the selection of right kind of clothes (colour and texture) for the right kind of subject. If everything is put into its right place, the celeb will make a style statement.

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