The Incredible Influence of VR on Gambling Industry

by Daniel Sinoca Designer, Casino author, slots gambler

Is it possible to take the breath away in modern gamblers? Definitely no because, in current times, they are too demanding! To meet their expectations, the modern gambling industry develops new solutions on an ongoing basis.

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Virtual reality is regarded to be the best tool which can attract the attention of gamblers and change their attitude to the modern gambling world. A few years ago the 3D graphic, unusual features, bonus systems, and special symbols were an innovation. As compared to traditional one-armed bandits, these slot machines were in the limelight. Nevertheless, you won’t astonish gamblers with these options today. VR took the place of these features.

What Is Virtual Reality?

Its history goes back to 1956, the period when the first 3D-displays hit the market. They were too massive and were widely used for watching special movies. Morton Heilig was a pioneer in this area.

Virtual Reality

In ten years after this invention, the first 3D-glasses, GAF Viewmaster, hit the market. They were considerably smaller than the previous invention and displayed a picture in three full dimensions.

In 1968, the scientists of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology tested the HMD system. Besides, the first game console, SEGA VR appeared in 1993 but this project was scrapped because of the preconceived opinion of experts. They considered that this experience was too real for players and could influence their state of health.

In current times, the situation changed for the better. Modern gamblers have a bunch of opportunities allowing them to experience the gameplay and even become a part of it! In particular, VR-games open the three-dimensional space, allowing gamblers to feel like they are a part of it. If you wish to immerse yourself in the gameplay, you need to wear a special VR display (HMD).

What about the Data Visualization?

Today, virtual reality is not just a form of entertainment. It is widely applied in the areas where immersion is compulsory. We mean remote surgeries or different training courses. Therefore, we see that the quality of the data visualization is a must. The deep and quality immersion requires more power as compared to the use of the traditional graphics.

To develop high-quality content, it is necessary to create three-dimensional images with a high-resolution and zero delay. As a result, it can help avoid discomfort or unwellness because the low-quality content is the main cause of nausea.

The Sound Effect in Virtual Reality Games

It is another factor which needs to be considered at the stage of the game development. You know that people perceive sound in three dimensions. Therefore, we can change the sound direction even when the sound source is not within the field of view. We see that it is really hard to build a balance between the 3D sound and the image quality.

Images Adriane Kuzminski

To create 3D audio for VR games is the question of major concern for developers engaged in this area. To achieve the best effect, they use the object-based audio. As a result, they can easily attach audio information to absolutely any image and gamblers can enjoy high-quality audio and video.

What about the Haptic Feedback System?

The majority of existing systems used for the immersion in the virtual reality have only one goal – to give full play to eyesight and hearing. Hyper-immersive haptic feedback systems are less popular today. Nevertheless, very soon the situation will be changed for the better.

Another benefit of the haptic feedback system is that it allows players not only to see and hear the game but to feel the virtual environment too.

What Will You Get Playing Online?

Today, modern live casinos became extremely popular. Being a simple casino meant to entertain its visitors, it also allows gamblers to earn money. First of all, it is necessary to mention that gamblers can play online and feel like they are in a traditional land-based crap joint. Due to virtual reality tools, online VR-casinos can provide its users with this experience.

There is no need to go anywhere because to immerse yourself in the gameplay, nothing but your desire to play and a mobile device with the internet connection are needed! If you have questions seeking clarification or you can’t understand how to play this or that game, the friendly and professional team of each casino will help you solve all the issues.

The Future of Virtual Reality Technology in the Gambling Industry

It must be noted that the cost of the development of a top-quality online casino, built on the basis of VR technology is rather high. The software should have a bunch of features and run faultlessly even when the traffic is overloaded. Besides, the platform should be developed in accordance with the modern tendencies and innovations. Software products should also be updated regularly.

If you speak about the legal regulation, it is necessary to mention that any online casino should have a license.

Another important aspect is the compatibility of games with mobile devices. Modern gamblers prefer playing online and on the go. To do that, they use smartphones and tablets. If a casino wants to attract more visitors to their website, they need to develop mobile apps which allow their gamblers to play on the go. The cost of this feature is sky-high!

Nevertheless, the future of VR games is awesome because the integration of VR tools offers new opportunities and makes interactive pitch-and-toss games even more attractive for the gamblers! Besides, VR games are the best tools allowing casinos to attract more gamblers and earn more cash!

The Best Providers of VR Products

We created a list of the best VR software providers which will help you understand who the leaders in this area are:

  • Microgaming. The name of the first game is VR Roulette which was developed in 2016. To immerse yourself in the gameplay, you need to have Leap Motion 3D Controller and VR-gear.
  • NetEnt. This developer offers two options – Jack’s 3D World and Gonzo’s Quest. Both have a bunch of positive testimonials from online players.

Virtual reality has a future! Modern casinos using this technology have more visitors and offer more bonuses in the form of free pokies, bigger choice of games and a bunch of welcome bonuses.

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