The importance of product management in wholesale & distribution

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It doesn't make a difference how great your organization's sales division is. If you have the best Engineering and Customer Service, it doesn't particularly make a difference.



Since, in the event that you don't have a top of the line item – you don't even have an organization in the first place.


Product Management holds a dynamic and developing job among some of the best organizations. The rapidly emerging nature of innovation in these organizations requires that great Product Management be developed directly alongside the innovation to remain relevant and effective.


Product Management can bring together the numerous branches of your organization and concentrate on why we’re all here: the product.


In any case, how do they achieve this significant undertaking?



What does Product Management do?

Product Management is an umbrella term that envelops various abilities and sets of expectations that, to a great extent, rely upon what every organization specifically needs their Product Manager or Product Management team to accomplish for them.


Be that as it may, here we have summed up what great Product Management will accomplish for your organization:


     Build up a product’s life cycle or "guide" in detail for all stages of its life.


     Accomplish your organization's business objectives by improving your product.


     Analyse and estimate client satisfaction and figure out precise areas for improvement.


     Product Management can fundamentally cover everything that has to do with your product or products, for all intents and purposes.



Product Management’s main focus is product success.


A Product Manager’s position is an authoritative position. They're representatives of  your organization's unique strengths, and a decent PM has a dream of what the success of a product will look like and how exactly you’re supposed to get to that point. They then work intimately with the marketing, sales, design, and engineering departments in order to take the necessary steps to make that dream a reality.


Why is that important?

It is the role of a good Product Manager to ensure that all the various departments in your organisation stay focused on optimising the product or products in the best way possible in order for you to achieve your business objectives and satisfy your customers. This will lead to increased profits and number of happy customers.


From the above discussion, I think we can agree that a Product Manager’s role is a vital one and whoever takes on this role has a significant amount of responsibility on their shoulders. Therefore, when looking to hire someone for the job, it is important to search for characteristics such as: creative, passionate, good at communicating, capable leadership abilities, and detail-oriented.


What Is Product Distribution?

Let’s get technical. Distribution entails making a product available for purchase by dispersing it through the market. It involves transportation, packaging, and delivery. Distribution is fundamental to a company’s sales. 


A distributor is defined as someone who purchases products, stores them, and then sells them through a distribution channel. They are in between manufacturers and retailers or consumers, working on behalf of a particular company as opposed to representing themselves. Usually, distributors partake in collaborative relationships with clients and manufacturers.


The right distributor enhances a company’s exposure in the product market and can give an edge in terms of speed and efficiency.


Succeeding Working With a Distributor

When working with wholesalers, brands have a duty to regulate the procedure and counteract retail execution mistakes like out of stocks and conveyance voids. This demands the establishment of clear lines of correspondence between supervisors, the sales team, and the distributors to guarantee you get that data as accurately and as fast as possible. Brands that are large and well established structure their communications with their wholesalers better and this opens up doors for expansion much more easier than brands only communicating with wholesalers on a need basis.


Emails and texts, while convenient and readily available solutions, might not hold up for the long haul. Suppose your sales agent tells you that you have an item out of stock at one of your distribution centres. You may have the option to resolve this by reaching out to your supplier and requesting another shipment for that area. However, if the distribution centre is frequently encountering this issue, the pattern may fly under your radar if the only proof you have of it is a couple of emails which are piled together with hundreds of other emails in your inbox. Your arbitrary ordering pattern may make it hard to estimate future demand, or for wholesalers and retailers from foreseeing shipments. This is the place where data analytics and reports really come in handy.


As soon as you provide your employees with the apparatuses to continually feed you information from the field, any regular issues will become evident considerably faster. Imagine that rather than getting an email or a text message each time something goes astray in the field, you get an information point that you could easily contrast with information available from the past and use it to recognize any patterns in a flash. Therefore, instead of making your supplier send in shipments at the last minute every time you run out of stock at any given warehouse, you can preorder stocks at statistically determined intervals and refill your shelves just before your stocks run out, making both your and your supplier's life much easier.


With such a large number of various orders to keep up with and customers to manage, having a system that tracks such data on hand will make your and your distributor's difficult work justified, despite all the trouble. In the event that an issue with the distribution network arises, you can quickly move past it  effortlessly and keep your company relevant, thus keeping your wholesalers, retailers, and clients happy.

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