The Importance Of Labelling And Claims For Cosmetic Products Sold/Imported In India

by Dolly K. Digital Marketing Executive

The demand for cosmetic products has been increasing at a very unprecedented rate in recent times. Which has made the import and export of cosmetics in India as one of the most prevailing businesses.

The market is piled up with a variety of cosmetics like skincare products, lip care products, eye care products and other sections. But along with the increasing use of cosmetics in India, concerns are also rising about the presence of various harmful ingredients that might exist in those cosmetics as a part of their formulation. Especially when the consumers have become more aware and like to stay informed about the products they use.

This is the major reason that is compelling the government to take some crucial initiatives to make sure that all the products are of good quality and they are free from all sorts of harmful ingredients. Factors like packaging and labelling are among the basic parts of cosmetic regulatory compliance.

Labelling of the cosmetic product refers to the action of marking a package with a label that contains all information about the product as well as the manufacturer. It has become so vital that it is used as one of the important marketing tools for attracting consumers.

In the year 2001, the Government of India made it mandatory for all kinds of packaged cosmetics being sold/imported in the country to abide by the cosmetics labelling requirements. Every packaged cosmetic must have a comprehensive label displaying:

● The name and the address of the manufacturer or the importer.

● The generic name of the commodity.

Overall quantity depending on the standard units of the measures as well as weight.

● The batch number and the registration certificate number.

● Manufacturing date as well as the ‘best use before’ date.

  List of ingredients

Along with all this data, the label of the cosmetics must have all warnings for hazard, directions for using the product safely. People who will not abide by the cosmetic regulatory compliance have to face legal actions as well as difficulties in marketing cosmetic products in the Indian market.

The importance of Claims

Claims are considered as a very important tool for marketing the cosmetic product. It helps in differentiating your product from another product. You cannot claim just anything you want and are required to prove every claim that appears on your pack through several methods.

Cosmetic claims are mainly utilized for marketing the final product. It will appear on the label and also on ads, websites, magazines etc. Claims usually describe the product’s effect, and assists customers in selecting a product while making it seem more attractive than its competitors.

Now you must be wondering why you are required to substantiate a cosmetic claim to the authorities.

Well, because it helps the concerned authorities in protecting the customers from all kinds of scams as well as products unsafe for their health. It also allows the brands to prove the product effect and make sure to promote effective marketing. Now, coming to the next question. How to substantiate cosmetic claims?

There exist three main ways to substantiate your claim:

Collect evidence to keep a back up of your claim by using customer perception tests depending on the parameters that the customer can either observe or feel. The volunteer sample must be represented statistically about the target population.

The second method is using the experimental studies.

The third method is using the published information like scientific publications or the market data as supporting additions to the first two initial methods.

It is important to ensure that all the relevant information about a cosmetic product is displayed on the packaging since it promotes fair trade practices and keeps the consumer informed and aware about the product.

Non-compliance with the labelling and packaging rules defined under the Drugs & Cosmetics Act, 1940 is a punishable offence and results in the cancellation of your license. 

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