The Immense Benefits of Using Sludge Tubes

by SPIN PRO Business
Geotextile tubes or sludge bags are increasingly becoming popular as a perfect way of dewatering sludge. These bags are often used as an alternative to the traditional pump and haul system of removing sludge. Furthermore, geotextile tubes are resistant to chemical, UV, and biological degradation and can last for about 5 to 7 years providing value for money.  Here are a few benefits of using sludge bags: 

Simple to Use

The use of dewatering tubes is quite simple and can be applied by anyone. All you need to do is deploy the rolls in the drying bed, anchor your sludge tubes or tie your tubes together.  Then, attach the pump or dredge to help fill the ports and fill your sludge bags. You do not have to read complicated manuals for you to install your geotextile tubes. 


Local water authorities can solve their municipal sludge problems using geotextile tubes. These sludge bags can help to hold millions of gallons of municipal sediments and make the dewatering and drainage processes more cost-effective for local authorities. Sludge tubes can be used for efficient dewatering and containment of municipal sludge, marine sediments, industrial waste, pulp and paper sludge, and many more. 

Long-Term or Short-Term Use

Geotextile tubes can be used for both permanent and short-term containment depending on your dewatering needs. Furthermore, geotextile tubes are not mechanical dewatering devices and they will not malfunction or break down when compared to belt press, centrifuge, drum filter, or vacuum. They can also be used on any location irrespective of the available space.  You can always maximize storage space by stacking your sludge bags together. 

Energy Free Drainage
Sludge dewatering bags are manufactured using high strength permeable geotextiles that have uniquely engineered retention and drainage properties. Excess water tends to drain through the small pores in the geotextile, while the sediment and sludge are retained inside the bag, ensuring effective dewatering and an efficient reduction of the sludge volume. The volume reduction enables repeated filling of the sludge tube without the use of energy. 

Assortment of Sizes

Sludge bags are available in a variety of sizes. This means that you can always find a sludge tube that will perfectly suit your dewatering needs. Whether you need a small bag or a big bag for your dewatering needs, you will always find a sludge bag that will serve its intended purpose. Sludge dewatering bags make the disposal of sludge easy owing to the bag-fill system.  Furthermore, the resulting waste tends to be easier to transport, has low odor, and can be stored for later use or disposed of in a landfill. Simplify your dewatering processes today by using sludge tubes.

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