The Hardest Marine Grade Coating for Metal And Steel

by Protexion Services Protective Coating and Solution Provider

Are you looking for the manufacturers of marine grade coating for metal or steel? By using the right high performance coatings to prevent rust and corrosion, you can significantly extend the useful life of your boats, barges, pontoons, equipment, bridges, or other metal structures in any salt air or salt water aquatic environment. 

The Protexion protective coating and solution provider offers protection for both the underwater and above water parts of any boat or ship. Our marine grade paints have some of the highest salt corrosion resistance ratings in the market. You can apply marine grade coating directly over rusted metal or steel and they don’t require sandblasting. When the integrity of the metal has been compromised, our coatings can bond to, and strengthen, rusted metal surfaces, therefore inhibiting corrosion for many years.  Our waterproof coatings can protect metal or steel that will be underwater or exposed to constant high humidity.  Whether your project is above or below the waterline, we have your solution!

A harsh condition of the underwater environment is a big problem to boat expert and lovers. Protexion offers protection against the corrosion created by salt water and the fouling on the hull caused by the accumulation of shells. Our marine grade coating will make the surface so repulsive to the ruthless underwater elements that the cleaning process will no longer be a problem. With the use of advanced nano-technology, marine grade coating will improve your vessels performance while protecting it from the elements.

See Benefits of Marine grade coating

·         UV Protection

The UV protection built inside coating protects gelcoat, paint, rubbers and plastics against aging and fading colors.

·         Hydrophobicity

Marine grade paint exhibit the same characteristics found on many plants around the world, yielding extreme hydrophobicity and long-term guard.

·         Barrier against Saltwater, Oxidation, Stains & Chemicals

This coating allows us to create a smooth hydrophobic exterior. This creates a consistent anti-stick feature making it easy to clean away fish stuff or other contaminants.

·         Scratch and abrasion Resistance

This marine grade paint can fortify any surface against scuffs and scratches. Even damage to the coating can be easily remedied.

·         Less Maintenance

Once cured, the coating gets very hydrophobic, water rolls off the surface and grabs dirt and grime. This is known as the self-cleaning effect.

Protexion is a great all around marine grade coating for interiors or exteriors.  It can be easily applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer you won’t need any other coatings. .  It’s one of the most effective paints for salt water exposure. Our aim is to deliver the best solution by working closely with our clients and gain a greater understanding of their specific requirements. By taking this approach, we have been able to develop market-leading marine grade coating for which we are renowned throughout the world.

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