The ESE pod, an eco-friendly coffee innovation at a low price

by Adeel A. A professional writer.

Placing itself in the list of the most consumed drinks in the world, coffee is a drink appreciated for its aromas and especially its rather particular flavor.

For some, starting the day without drinking a cup of coffee in the morning is almost unthinkable, while for others, coffee is simply a perfect digestive ally. Today, coffee is marketed in different formats.

You have certainly heard of these little "pods" that are increasingly invading supermarket shelves. The following lines will reveal the peculiarities of this little wonder, the ESE pod.

What is an ESE pod?

Behind the rather original name of the ESE pod hides a rather particular concept. The ESE pod, which stands for “Easy Serving Espresso” therefore consists of a portion of ground coffee intended for the preparation of espresso in an easy and fast way.

You should know that the small ESE coffee pads were invented in 1972 by the Illy caffè brand and benefited from patent protection.

It was not until 1998, 26 years later, that other brands decided to form a consortium to create a single dose of coffee standard, namely the ESE pod.

You should know that this type of pod is compatible with most espresso machines, especially those that have a dedicated filter or filter holder. To prepare a good coffee, all you have to do is put the pod in the location specially designed for ground coffee.

The ESE pod is also known as the ESE pod, a pod for manual espresso machines or hard pods. It combines the tradition of Italian roasting with modern industrial techniques, in order to obtain a better coffee.

What can be found in the ESE pod?

As mentioned above, an ESE pod corresponds to a portion of ground coffee necessary for the preparation of an espresso. It is therefore in the form of a paper disc 44 mm in diameter which contains 7 grams of roasted and finely ground coffee for use in an espresso machine.

The ground grain is then packed and wrapped in two sheets of particularly fine filter paper, before being packaged in a suitable atmosphere. Vacuum packaging keeps the aromas of the coffee as long as possible.

The tamping process transforms the grind into a sort of cake 44mm in diameter wrapped in filter paper of vegetable origin. For the pod, the shape, size and weight are standardized, to ensure that the preparation of your espresso is done with ease.

The open system of the ESE pod

The concept of the ESE pod is a so-called "open" system. This is a device that offers roasters the possibility of producing this type of format, given that the specificities and technical requirements of the product are now in the public domain.

Obviously, to achieve this, manufacturers are obliged to respect a certain number of criteria. To design and market this type of pod, a roaster must therefore comply with chemical, geometric, physical, sensory and functional rules.

To obtain the best results in a cup, the coffee machine must also be set to the correct settings, both for water temperature and pressure and for volume. Thanks to competition between producers, the ESE pod is no longer a luxury.

Today it is quite possible to access an assortment of ESE pods supplied by Italian roasters with excellent value for money.


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