The Effects of Kratom Powder

by Seller Ben Buisness

Generally, Kratom can be described as a tree. The leaves are what are used to make the Kratom powder. On the other hand, Kratom powder is used mainly in two ways. You can use it either as a recreational drug or medicine.

The powder is popular as it has many functions. It can either be used for opium withdrawals, anxiety, cough, high blood pressure and as an energizer. There are many manufacturers that produce Kratom. However, to get the powder that will not affect you negatively, you can get it in calibotanicals. This is because their Kratom are scientifically tested and given the go-ahead for consumption.

However, the powder still has some Kratom effects that can still be avoided if you follow the instructions that come with its usage.

Mental Disorders

Kratom extracts includes a chemical called mytragynine that affects the function of the brain cells if taken in excess. That is why it is recommended that you STRICTLY use a physician’s prescription when taking Kratom. The excess consumption is regarded as lethal.

The users of Kratom that have mental disorders have a higher chance of committing suicide.

The Danger of using it in Combination with Alcohol

This is not a side effect but the end result is serious. If you are using Kratom, you are advised not to take alcohol or vice versa. The combination can lead to death. The main cause of death is always suicide.

Those that use one of the two reduce their chance of committing suicide.

Dangerous to Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are highly discouraged from using Kratom. It poses a great threat to the unborn child. It can lead to underweight, mental disorders and weaker immune system of the child. That is why doctors don’t prescribe Kratom to pregnant mother regardless of the diseases they may be undergoing that needs Kratom powder administration.


This has not been clear yet but with the recent researches, it can be true. Some people say that Kratom can be placed in the group of narcotics. Other still say that its medicinal benefits are still many hence cannot be regarded as a narcotic. This is still in confusion but the answer will soon be found.

In Conclusion

With all said and done, Kratom is still useful in many ways. All you have to do is to ensure that you ONLY get a prescription from a qualified physician. You can go ahead and order one from Kratom botanicals. They produce the best Kratom in the market.

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