The Difference between Hookah and Shisha

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A water pipe is what the hookah is. Though India and Turkey are touted as provenance of the hookah, it certainly originated from medieval Iran. An integral part of Middle East culture, it was meant as a relaxation device. Traditionally, the hookah is made up of water jar, hose, gasket, body, plate, bowl, charcoal, wind guard. Modern hookah consists of glass, wood, metal. It has become extremely popular. Mya Hookah and shisha are used interchangeably. But there’s obviously a difference. Herbal shisha, Tangiers hookah, social smoke have always been the rage.

Trifecta shisha

The Hookah

The water pipe through which various substances can be smoked or vaporized is called a hookah. The smoke passes through a water basin, before the user inhales vapor or smoke .The Hookah is mainly made of glass. In the Arab world, hookahs are works of art. They have intricate, exquisite, ornate design.

The Shisha

Trifecta shisha refers to the tobacco used within the hookah. Usually it is fruit flavored.

In general usage, shisha has also come to be known as the activity of smoking from the hookah tongs. This explains its being used interchangeably with hookah.

Mya Hookahs

A celebration of friendship

As the ash falls into the surrounding tray the coal smolders. Through the pipe, travels the smoke. The smoke is filtered to the bottom through the water. As you take a puff, the water bubbles rhythmically. Laughter is in the air. The chief factor behind the acceptance of shisha into youth culture is not far to seek. The pipe is circulated among a circle of friends. It is a relaxing ‘friendship’ smoke. One must think of friends, and pass on the next puff.

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