The Diesel Generator Set Have High Water Temperature

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Due to the particularity of diesel generating sets using high-speed rotation generated by the engine (it is the kinetic energy by generator excitation into electricity and power generation), machinery in motion will produce a certain quantity of heat, as needed by cooling heat out at this time, so generating set is generally through the radiator cooling fan,  To ensure that all mechanical parts of the generator set can be in a certain range of temperature control.  

Generating set, however, in use process, often will produce the tank temperature is too high, causes high diesel engine cylinder block and automatic stop when they reach a certain temperature (this is because the mounted on the generator set water temperature automatic protection function), if the unit without with automatic protection function, so as the engine temperature is higher and higher, the temperature of the engine cylinder block is becoming more and more high,  The lubrication effect of lubricating oil will become worse and worse, and the engine cylinder block will be damaged. Then, what is the cause of the high temperature of the water tank of the generator set? Below, the front power will analyze the reasons for the high water temperature of the generator set in detail:  

First, the injection time is too early or too late, affect the combustion process, cause the complementary combustion period is too long, make the cooling water contact cylinder wall relatively longer time, caused by the water temperature is too high, this is according to the brand of diesel engine, its different injection time, normal engine will not have this problem, unless received damage machine.  

Second, the amount of oil injection is too large, resulting in too thick mixture, slow combustion period, supplementary combustion period corresponding extension, and the water temperature is too high.  This can be caused by sudden loading, or sudden acceleration of the gas.

Third, the injector injection pressure is too high or too low, so that the fuel injection stroke and atomization quality are affected.  The injection pressure is too high, and the diesel oil sprayed on the combustion chamber wall forms liquid, which is not conducive to the fog. Low injection pressure and poor atomization quality.  The fuel injector drops oil to increase the oil supply, causing water temperature too high, serious fuel injector burning loss.  

Four, is the valve phase misalignment, so that the cylinder at the end of compression compression pressure reduction;  Insufficient air intake and thorough exhaust prolong the slow combustion period and supplementary combustion period, resulting in high water temperature.  Intake system blockage will also make the mixture too thick, engine smoke, power decline, water temperature is too high.  Valve and valve seat ring wear, piston and cylinder liner wear reduce the compression force, causing poor combustion also make the water temperature is too high, the dynamic performance decreased. 

Five, radiator blockage, excessive scale and fan tape slack will cause high water temperature.  Pump pressure is low, the flow is small, so that the coolant circulation speed is low, resulting in high water temperature.  The water tank needs to be cleaned regularly and the coolant replaced. 

Six, the friction resistance between the internal parts of the engine is large, the lubrication condition is not good, the exhaust pipe or eliminator is blocked, the engine load is too large, etc., will also cause the phenomenon of high water temperature.  Check the oil quality and quality of the lubricating oil used.  

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