The Development Trend Of Love Dolls

by Natalie Young あなたの人生をもっと面白くさせる
As we get closer to the release of serious sex robots, we can also see improvements in sex doll technology. Many of the sex robots' early features are implemented in sex dolls to make them more realistic.

Self-heating sex doll

Sex dolls with internal heating mechanisms are a standard feature of all Lovedolls. While sexual dolls have been able to fully reproduce the appearance and sensation of the vagina, a common feedback point is that it is difficult for the owner to reproduce the temperature sensation. To avoid this, sex doll owners warmed the doll using warm water, warm towels, or special electric heat inserts.

By 2018 this will be a problem of the past. Sex dolls have an internal heating system that warms the sex doll's genitals to the body heat temperature. The most common implementation is an electrical plug that extends from behind the neck. Before getting started, users just plug in the sex doll for a few minutes so they can warm up the adult Love Doll. When ready for use, sex dolls can be removed because silicone and TPE are surprisingly efficient at retaining heat.

As self-heating sex doll technology improves, you may see battery-powered heating systems that do not require the doll to be plugged into the wall before use. In addition, the control function of the heating mechanism such as the application that allows the user to select the correct temperature has been improved. Ideally, this system is fully automated and starts to warm up automatically when you start having sex with a female love doll. It will be possible in the implementation of touch sensing sex doll.

Touch sensing sex doll

An early feature of sex robots is their ability to sense when and where they can be touched. This feature also begins to appear in sex dolls. Basically, sex dolls have a "nervous system" embedded under the skin that is sensitive to human touch. There are many applications for this technology, but first it is used to make Lovedoll 100 cm respond to the owner's behaviour. For example, a touch sensor can detect foreplay movements like kissing and touching her chest, can respond with passive vocals, her genitals warm, maybe oiling preparations for sexual intercourse . In addition, sex dolls with sensors in the genitals can feel pleasure and make the sex experience a more 2-way experience. In the future, owners will be able to give their sex doll orgasm.

Surreal body

The physical appearance of the baby-faced love doll is farthest in terms of achieving a real female portrait. What a real sex doll looks like today is a few years late compared to a sex doll artificial intelligence or a sex doll robot. However, sex doll makers are not stumble upon the appearance of the product. The appearance of sexual dolls will be improved this year and will be more realistic.

How realistic is the sex doll? Skin technology is improved and adults will have fewer Love Dollons and TPE dolls. Sex dolls are made of unique synthetic materials. These materials allow better integration with technologies like touch sensors and feel more realistic. You will see the subtle patterns, lines, and textures of the actual skin. Materials also vary in hardness depending on where in the body they are located. For example, places where bones are closer to the skin, such as the hips, shoulders, elbows, etc. will feel harder than where a woman usually has more fat deposits, such as chest or buttocks.

Artificial intelligence doll

A fully conscious sex robot is the end goal, but along the way sex dolls begin to have personality. As we saw in earlier prototypes, the personality is simple at first: the ability of artificial intelligence is rapidly learned and more integrated with sex dolls. Busty love dolls can have various levels of intimacy conversations with all types and their owners. Owners can also tweak sex doll figures to become perfect companions. At some point sexual doll artificial intelligence will be able to connect to the wide web. This allows your sex dolls to have knowledge of all the sex in the world. Imagine a sex robot that can teach you about karma's passage.

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