The Deep Dish: 6 Essential Pizzeria POS Aspects With Smart App

by Evelyn Wilson App Marketing Head at Moon Invoice

Summary: The business of running a restaurant is probably one of the toughest things to do right now. According to researchers, the number of pizza parlors that operate in the US went down by 75,243 from 2017 to 2018. Only the eateries that deployed online ordering and home delivery systems were the sole survivors. If you want your pizzeria to succeed, then you can’t make do without the right POS technology.

Whether it’s thin-crust or deep-dish, cooked in a brick oven or over a wood fire, more than half of all the people in the world will declare pizzas as their favorite food. The dish originated in Italy, but the residents of New York say that they are the ones who own this delicacy. However, the argument concerning the ownership of pizzas isn’t the matter of this topic. After all, pizzas are available everywhere in the world right now.

Then again, the people of New York and their love for pizzas transformed the traditional idea of pizza parlors altogether. The competition among pizzerias increased incredibly fast over the last few years. This surge forced many owners to explore and adopt new technologies that could enhance the speed at which they operate and the customer experience that they provide. One of those technologies is the Restaurants pos software for pizzerias.

Pizza parlors have their own unique need when it comes to Restaurants' post software programs. They don’t operate like any other quick-service or fast-casual eatery establishment, particularly when it comes to POS systems. If you’re a newcomer in this field of business, then you probably made the mistake of assuming that any POS system used by a restaurant is good enough for your establishment.

It may sound odd, but ordering a pizza is quite a complicated process. It’s not like ordering a burger with bacon in it. As the owner of a pizzeria, you know that you have to work with an endless list of toppings that customers can mix and match into infinite possibilities. Furthermore, your clients can choose whether they want to cover the entire pie with one type of topping or not.

What if a customer orders a large pizza where they want you to add pepperoni on one half and mushrooms on the other? What if they ask you to add spinach on the half that you covered with mushrooms? In such situations, you will realize the differences that make pizzerias unique from any other fast-food joint. Then again, you can ease the situation if you pick the right POS system for your pizza parlor.

  1. Online ordering and delivery management: So, how can you choose the right Pos for small business? You can start by considering the volume and frequency of all the in-store and takeout or delivery orders that you receive. The ever-rising trend of online ordering forced pizzerias to embrace systems that can send customers’ orders directly to the kitchen or alert the restaurant staff members. The specialty of modern POS systems is that they can increase the speed and efficiency of online orders and deliveries. You can also expedite delivery orders so that your drivers can make deliveries without taking more time than they used to before.

  1. Personalization: It’s vital that a Pos for small business to allow as much customizability as possible. Two pizza orders will never resemble each other. Also, customers enjoy being able to select and customize every ingredient that they want on their pizza. Everyone wants their pie to appear on their table with the size, crust type, sauce, cheese, and toppings that they prefer. For this purpose, you need a POS system that can accommodate these customizability features. As already mentioned earlier, more than one of your customers may ask for a pizza with two different types of toppings applied on the halves. If you want to cater to these customers, then you need an appropriate POS system.

  1. Customer database and loyalty programs: Maintaining a customer database is crucial for caller ID integration. Billing pos software can keep customer database records, order history, and contact information. The owner or manager can see the ones who come in regularly and spend the most amount of money on their pizzas. It’s an incredible feature that helps you distinguish between regular and irregular customers. Once you can separate the loyal ones, you get to initiate customer loyalty programs.

  1. Caller ID integration: Billing pos software for a pizzeria should possess the caller ID integration feature. Caller ID helps your employees in managing incoming calls more proficiently. They won’t have to ask a customer for their phone number every time they make a call to place an order. POS systems with caller ID integration will pull up the customer’s profile based on the phone number of an incoming call. If it’s a new customer, then you can assign orders easily and create customer profiles.

  1. Inventory management: The perfect POS system for a pizza parlor should be able to assist you in inventory management-related tasks too. It should help you with reordering and inventory tracking. It will also monitor the remaining amount of ingredients with every processed order, including raw ingredients.

  1. Employee management: Finally, you should keep an eye out for POS systems that can help you in managing your employees. Pizzeria POS machines will provide access to the entire employee database with information on every staff member. This feature further allows you to create and edit timesheets, calculate overtime, and get shift details.

Kitchen display systems

If you can locate a POS system that comes with the features given above, then it should help your pizza restaurant to perform better than it used to. However, if it’s possible, then you must try to choose a POS system that also comes with Kitchen Display Systems or KDS. It improves the efficiency in the back-office by enhancing order accuracy and making things easier for the kitchen staff members to complete orders efficiently.

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