The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development

by Kundan Jha kuldeep


Do you need complete data about how to create Android applications? This book contains more than 200 parts, covering everything from the initial phases in getting an application going to cutting edge improvement strategies. Utilize the inquiry field in the nav bar to perceive what is inside this book and the remainder of the CommonsWare library!


This book is distributed in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI/Kindle designs, for use in your preferred computerized book peruser. Or then again, read straightforwardly in your Web program on the Warescription webpage, complete with full-content looking.


The Table of Contents


Kundli Specialist in India  

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Key Android Concepts


Picking Your Development Toolchain


Instructional exercise #1 - Installing the Tools


Android and Projects


Instructional exercise #2 - Creating a Stub Project


Getting Around Android Studio


Substance of Android Projects


Presenting Gradle and the Manifest


Instructional exercise #3 - Manifest Changes


A few Words About Resources




Instructional exercise #4 - Adjusting Our Resources


The Theory of Widgets


The Android User Interface


Essential Widgets


Troubleshooting Your App


The Classic Container Classes


Other Common Widgets and Containers


Instructional exercise #5 - Creating a Layout


GUI Building, Continued


AdapterViews and Adapters


The WebView Widget


Vedic Astrology

Characterizing and Using Styles




Instructional exercise #6 - Adding a Library


Presenting ConstraintLayout




The Action Bar


Vector Drawables


Instructional exercise #7 - Setting Up the Action Bar


Android's Process Model


Exercises and Their Lifecycles


Instructional exercise #8 - Setting Up An Activity


The Tactics of Fragments


Instructional exercise #9 - Starting Our Fragments


Swiping with ViewPager


Instructional exercise #10 - Rigging Up a ViewPager


Asset Sets and Configurations


Material Design Basics


Managing Threads


Mentioning Permissions


Resources, Files, and Data Parsing


Instructional exercise #11 - Adding Simple Content


Instructional exercise #12 - Displaying the Book


Utilizing Preferences


Instructional exercise #13 - Using Some Preferences


SQLite Databases


Instructional exercise #14 - Saving Notes


Web Access


Purposes, Intent Filters


Communicates and Broadcast Receivers


Instructional exercise #15 - Sharing Your Notes


Administrations and the Command Pattern


Instructional exercise #16 - Updating the Book


Instructional exercise #17 - Supporting Large Screens


In reverse Compatibility Strategies and Tactics


Framework Services


Google Play Services


Finding support


Working with Library Modules


Gradle and Tasks


Gradle Build Variants


Show Merger Rules


Marking Your App




Composing a Gradle Plugin


Code Generation


Progressed Gradle for Android Tips


Testing with JUnit4


Testing with Espresso


Testing with UI Automator


Estimating Test Coverage


Unit Testing


MonkeyRunner and the Test Monkey


Java 8 Lambda Expressions


Rx Basics




Propelled Notifications


Multi-Window Support


Progressed ConstraintLayout




Exchanges and DialogFragments


Progressed ListViews


Activity Modes


Other Advanced Action Bar Techniques




AppCompat: The Official Action Bar Backport


The Android Design Support Library


Progressed RecyclerView


Propelled Uses of WebView


The Input Method Framework


Textual styles and Text


Rich Text




Inheritance Animations


Custom Drawables


Mapping with Maps V2


Creating Your Own Views


Propelled Preferences


Custom Dialogs and Preferences


Progress Indicators


Increasingly Fun with Pagers


Center Management and Accessibility


Various UI Tricks


Occasion Bus Alternatives




The Assist API ("Now On Tap")


The Autofill API


The Data Binding Framework




Console and Mouse Input


Review PDFs


Home Screen App Widgets


Connector Based App Widgets


Distributing Slices


Facilitating Slices


Propelled Permissions


Confined Profiles and UserManager


Gadget Authentication


Keys and the Keystore


Various Security Techniques


Content Provider Theory


Content Provider Implementation Patterns


The Loader Framework


The ContactsContract and CallLog Providers


The CalendarContract Provider


The MediaStore Provider


Devouring Documents


Giving Documents


Scrambled Storage


Bundling and Distributing Data


Propelled Database Techniques


Information Backup






Incidental Network Topics


Sound Playback


Sound Recording


Video Playback


Utilizing the Camera through outsider Apps


Working Directly with the Camera


Media Routes


Supporting External Displays


Google Cast and Chromecast


The "Ten-Foot UI"


Assembling the TVs All: Decktastic


Making a MediaRouteProvider


The Media Projection APIs


AlarmManager and the Scheduled Service Pattern


PowerManager and WakeLocks




Getting to Location-Based Services


The Fused Location Provider


Working with the Clipboard




Working With SMS




Gadget Administration


Essential Use of Sensors


Printing and Document Generation


Essential Bluetooth RFCOMM


Managing Different Hardware


Composing and Using Parcelables


Reacting to URLs


Application Shortcuts


PackageManager Tricks


Remote Services and the Binding Pattern


Propelled Manifest Tips


Incidental Integration Tips


Android Studio Editors and Dialogs


Propelled Emulator Capabilities


Build up and the Support Annotations


Reviewing Layouts


Screen captures and Screencasts


ADB Tips and Tricks




Issues with Speed


Discovering CPU Bottlenecks


Concentrate On: NDK


Improving CPU Performance in Java


Finding and Eliminating Jank


Issues with Bandwidth


Concentrate On: TrafficStats


Estimating Bandwidth Consumption


Being Smarter About Bandwidth


Issues with Application Heap


Discovering Memory Leaks


Issues with System RAM


Issues with Battery Life


Force Measurement Options


Wellsprings of Power Drain


Tending to Application Size Issues


Crash Reporting Using ACRA


In-App Diagnostics


Enemies of Patterns


Gadget Catalog: AdapterViewFlipper


Gadget Catalog: CalendarView


Gadget Catalog: DatePicker


Gadget Catalog: ExpandableListView


Gadget Catalog: SeekBar


Gadget Catalog: SlidingPaneLayout


Gadget Catalog: StackView


Gadget Catalog: TabHost and TabWidget


Gadget Catalog: TimePicker


Gadget Catalog: ViewFlipper


Gadget Catalog: Chrome and Chrome OS


Gadget Catalog: BlackBerry


Gadget Catalog: Android TV


Gadget Catalog: Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick


Gadget Catalog: Samsung DeX


Index A: CWAC Libraries


Index B: Android 8.0


Index C: Android 9.0


Index D: Community Theater and the Appinars

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