The Biggest Contribution of Sanitization Service to People.

by Precult India Essential Equipment to fight against covid-19

One of the most powerful methods to fight the spread of the disinfect highly touched areas. Over the world, disinfection teams have descended upon state capital buildings, kindergartens, markets, mosques, Temple, airports, and public roads. Nowadays everyone suffering from coronavirus and we have only one option that is sanitization, some organizations provide the best sanitization service. Then we can say that the biggest contribution of sanitization in our life.

Sanitization services are to defend against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Sanitization service includes the method of decreasing microbes to safe levels i.e. 99.99 % of the micro-organism population. There is a different chemical applied to kill the micro-organism like fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Chemicals are -Sodium Hypochlorite (1:1000 dilution), Glutaraldehyde (up to 3.4% Solution), Hydrogen Peroxide (10%), Chlorine Dioxide, Potassium mono per Sulphate, etc. The diluted disinfectant solution should be sprayed on the surface area like Door Knobs, Walls Conference Room, Handles, Biometrics, Hand Railings, Tables, Chairs, Corridors, and staircase. Spraying to be done with a ULV sprayer first. Fogging to be done in the entire space to kill the microbes in the air.

Avoid contact with eyes, nose, mouth, skin, and clothing. Remove and clean infected clothing and footwear before re-use. Avoid breathing vapors or spray vapors. Don't allow disinfection solution to get inside of electrical appliances. Pay attention to adequate purifying when using the product. In badly cooled rooms respiratory security has to be worn.

We regularly use soaps or other detergents to clean our surroundings. But is that enough? Researches claim there is still a rather high chance of bacteria living on the cleaned surface. Therefore, a more effective solution is required and that is where we step in. We have joined a tech and the most advanced approved chemicals to provide professional Sanitization Services in all over India.

Sanitization is a fast process that usually demands no more than half a minute to destroy 99% of bacteria. While disinfection surfaces require the use of a much stronger chemical that destroys every organism in range in under 10 minutes. The elements we arrange to work with are safe to use around children, eco-friendly, and biodegradable. We use hospital-grade recommended disinfectants for Disinfection Services be it offices, shops, hospitals, or even homes.

Precult is a professional expert in office and home sanitization services in Delhi NCR and all over in India. Our sanitization services specialist in Delhi NCR will reach to your office to provide you with the quality sanitization services in Delhi NCR or another city. Our Office & home Sanitization services will make your life simple and will save your time and money.

We are a dedicated and result-giving organization of professionals who gives your office sanitization services all over in India. We do not compromise on the quality of the cleaning solutions. We use eco-friendly and government-approved products for commercial and residential sanitization services because we care about your loved ones.


We do not outsource any sanitization services, our qualified experts sanitize your commercial area & residential area for 100% satisfaction. Our sanitization service includes- floor cleaning, dusting, bathroom cleaning, cabinet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, etc. We view healthy surroundings at your home, so we present you with the best services we can contribute to the town. Depend on our service for a germ-free and healthful home.

We guarantee you that our qualified professionals will not disappoint you with their work. They use extremely specialized machines and equipment to meet your requirements and satisfy you with the most reliable results.

The requirement for sanitization and disinfection services in West Bengal, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, etc. has been increased due to Novel Corona Outbreak. Coronavirus disease is also recognized as COVID-19 has been a pandemic. Proper sanitization and disinfection of surfaces will decrease the ranges of coronaviruses and other viruses, bacteria, and germs. Sanitization or disinfection will further help in decreasing and eliminating extra harmful microorganisms. This will assure safety and protection from diseases like coronavirus disease, swine flu, influenza, bird flu, and diarrhea caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and germs.

Do you know the difference between Disinfection & Sanitization? Let’s first know the difference between sanitization and disinfection. Both sanitization and disinfection are the same but there is little difference. Sanitization is the method in which alcohol-based or bleach-based liquids are sprayed. It is perfectly safe and approved for those surfaces which are less disease such as kitchen surfaces or home surfaces. The goal of the disinfection of surfaces is the same but in the process, powerful liquids are sprayed. It is the method of destroying bacteria, germs, and viruses completely from the surfaces. If there is a high chance of infection by microorganisms then we recommend disinfection services.

Whatever your requirement is, whether you want to hire sanitization or disinfection services in your location, you can hire the best service provider. To hire the services, you need to tell us your demands either by submitting an online inquiry or making a phone call on this number +91 9311716539. Immediately, we will give you free price estimates from multiple vendors. You can examine quotes and invite them for site infection. After examining the disease area they will suggest you the best service available for you and their charges. Comparing price quotes from multiple vendors will advise you to hire the best sanitization and disinfection services in your location at a very affordable and genuine price.

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