The Best Way to Order Drinks at a Bar

by Kevin Smith Author

Knowing how to confidently order drinks at a bar is an important social skill. It impresses dates, entertains friends, and lets the bartender know exactly what you want. Do you know the difference between a well drink and a premium drink? What’s the best way to order a martini? Being well-versed in how to order at a crafted cocktails bar in Carrollwood, FL, will make you appear suave, smooth, and capable to bartenders and dinner guests alike.

Liquor First

When ordering a mixed drink, always ask for the liquor first. For example, you may order a gin and tonic or a jack and coke. Bartenders generally pour the liquor before any soda or mixers, so ordering this way lets them know exactly what to grab first. It also prevents confusion if you want to order a double. Ordering a “double tonic and gin” as opposed to a double gin and tonic may lead bartenders to think you want double tonic, when in reality you’re requesting twice the gin.

Brand Names

The only time this changes is if you have particular brand preference for your drink. In that case, you’d request the liquor by the brand name instead of the liquor type. If you want a vodka tonic with Ketel One vodka, order a Ketel One and tonic. It’s more succinct and lets the bartender know exactly what you want. A drink ordered this way is known as a call drink.

Vocabulary Lesson 

One of the quickest ways to sound educated and confident at a bar is by knowing the difference between well, call, and premium drinks. A well drink is made with the cheapest liquor the bar has available – no fancy brand names. A call drink is a drink ordered with a specific liquor, like a Stoli and cranberry or a Belvedere and tonic. Premium drinks contain high-end, expensive liquors – think Grey Goose vodka and Patron tequila. 

The other main way to order drinks successfully is to be comfortable with the vernacular of the bar industry. For example, dry martinis are made with dry vermouth, while dirty martinis are made with olive juice. Conversely, a sweet martini is served with sweet vermouth. If you ask for a drink on the rocks, it will be served over ice, while liquor ordered neat is served without ice and in an old-fashioned glass. 

As you can see, how you order at a bar will have a huge impact on the drink you are given and will affect how you are perceived by bar employees and peers. Ordering a complicated drink in a sophisticated manner at a crafted cocktails bar in Carrollwood, FL, is a conversation starter and will show off your confidence and skill. 

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