The Best Types of custom printed Boxes for Your Brand

by Ethan Robert Digital Marketing Consultant

Talking about the packaging realm, there are some solutions that perfectly meet your needs. Custom printed boxes are one of those few packages that can be a perfect fit for your products irrespective of your brand nature. They hold a critical value in retail presentation matters where they assure the provision of supreme product exhibition. The visual cues printed on them act as your brand recalls extending your brand’s reach in the target market. There is a broad collection of these boxes and are often categorized on the basis of unique style. Let us get into a little bit more detail and find out some of their types. 

Tray and sleeve box:

Tray and sleeve box has a two-piece configuration and is the most popular type of custom boxes. The tray part of this box is responsible for carrying the products inside and it slides inside and out of the sleeve. It can be customized with inserts to form some punch partitions for carrying multiple products at one time. It is often printed with some kind of personalized message and wishes. The sleeve part is exclusively designed to contain the tray and form a closed structure. This provides an amazing unboxing experience that makes the use of this box vital for packing soaps, candles, and ornaments. The vitality of these packages in providing a delight of luxury to the people makes them a popular option for packaging gifts. 

Metalized box:

This type of custom printed packages provides competitive edges during the product presentation. It has a customizable back that is usually printed in a detailed manner describing the product information. In a retail setting, the items need to be displayed at different locations that are viewed most often by the customers. This box gives you an added advantage of customization to design it in different styles. You can easily place it on retail counters and many other visible places of a store to highlight your items perfectly. It can be used to showcase a variety of several products like candies, cosmetics, chocolates, and even medicines. Most of the brands utilize it to enhance their products’ visibility and get a greater return on their investment. 

Full overlap packages:

Full overlap packages are heavy-duty and offer adequate space for printing on the lid as well as sides. They have flaps that extend to the opposite directions and overlap each other. This special configuration gives them an added flexural strength due to which they can easily absorb the physical impacts. Both the exterior as well as the interior of these packages can be utilized for marketing purposes. Plenty of space on the flaps and on the front side means that you can print all the relevant product details. Brands of different industries are using these boxes to enhance their brand recall and overall brand image. 

Retail boxes:

Retail boxes are perhaps the most desired type of custom printed packages as they are excessively utilized by all brands. They give a competitive edge in a retail display of various sorts of products. They create a stand-out impact and impart a distinctive identity to your items. They come with some interesting customizations and you can easily personalize them in desired colors, patterns, and graphics. The ink retaining capability of a box is critical to showcase the printed design in an impeccable manner. It is, for this reason, the finest quality cardboard is used in their manufacturing to project an irresistible visual appeal. 

Gift box:

It is another brilliant type of printed packaging that adds a true class to the gift products. Presents are actually tints of remembrance that showcase the love and feelings your brand has for its customers. This box is a great blessing for you because it provides an unforgettable experience on the most cherished events of customers. It can be given a festive touch with certain design customizations. For presents concerning Christmas, you can print it with red and green patterns and illustrations of trees and baubles. Likewise, it can be personalized with some heartfelt wishes on birthdays and other events like weddings. It has an outstanding printing quality that sets your gift items apart from other products in the market. Even if you stack the gift boxes during shipping matters, the printed designs do not get faded away. 


There is an extensive range when it comes to the types of custom cardboard boxes. The selection among them can be a tough ask but becomes quite easy once you understand the product needs in a better way. The use of these packages is a top trend these days because they really attract potential clients towards a brand. If you worry about their cost, getting wholesale boxes supplies could prove beneficial. 

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