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Anxiety disorders are conditions that produce to the patient excess of worry, fear, and hyperarousal that is debilitating and counterproductive to their life.

According to many studies, it is one of the most common psychiatric conditions affecting the Western world. The estimation is that anxiety disorders affect nearly a fifth of the United States population. Also, its annual costs for treating it hit up the forty billion dollars.

Importantly, anxiety disorders can thoroughly affect the life of patients suffering from it. For example, by the year 2013, the estimation was that anxiety disorders cause the loss of nearly 27 million years of disability-adjusted life. That is to say; this condition halted all those years supposed to be healthy and productive for people. Therefore, anxiety disorders are not made up; they affect and disable people as any other disease—mental health matters.

Furthermore, conditions like anxiety disorders do not come alone. Usually, the patients suffering from it have other medical problems, such as mood disorder and substance abuse. This complication of having more illness besides the primary anxiety disorder shadows the outcome for the patients.

Anxiety can present itself in a wide range of just physical symptoms of a whole sphere that wraps this disease. It depends on the type of anxiety, the severity of it, and the body of the patients themselves.

Beforehand it is important to recognize that these symptoms are completely real and not ¨made up¨ as some people believe. There are connections from the brain to the body and vice versa, all through nerves and specific molecules. These molecules can generate chemical reactions on the body and brain, leading to physical symptoms.

It is important to note that being anxious is not the same as an anxiety disorder. Therefore, there is normal anxiety that all humans have on different levels.

Being anxious is a defense mechanism people have to deal with stressful situations in which they need some push—for example, presenting a test, having a remarkable day at their job, or doing something life-threatening like skydiving. Who wouldn’t get anxious about that? Nevertheless, these worries are slight and go away when trouble is over, marking a big difference with anxiety.

In anxiety disorders, a person can be anxious, but what separates it from being a problem in the context, duration, and severity.

The anxiety disorders are many. They will vary depending on their symptoms and what triggers them. Usually, there is a stressor or element that triggers the anxiety to people. It is essential for people suffering from this condition to identify what triggers the anxiety on them.

This situation is particularly true for treating this condition because the cornerstone is to avoid the trigger whenever possible or controlling it. However, the treatment also consists either on medication or without any drug like psychotherapy.

Either way, what is essential is to identify people with anxiety to treat them.

This tool is an anxiety symptoms checker. The tool gathers the most up to date signs, symptoms, and risk factors for this condition. Therefore, it will aid anybody who uses it to determine the likelihood of suffering from this condition. This tool is totally free and would only take a few minutes to complete it.

Originally published at on August 6, 2020

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