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If you have a website, you might have caught wind of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This term alludes to the methodologies for assisting sites to have better rankings on Search Engine Results Pages (also known as SERPs), consequently making them easier to discover through online searches. While SEO is important for Online Marketing, it is applicable to essentially every page of a site and also affects the user experience (also known as UX).

In the perplexing universe of SEO, there are many subtleties to remember consistently. According to the top SEO Company in Delhi, the always-changing nature of SEO makes a few practices become out of date or even unsatisfactory over the long run. 

Coming up next are 6 of the most significant and advanced SEO "do's and don'ts" to consider when working on your online strategy:

  1. DO: Spread Your Keywords On Different Pages.

Try not to put all of your keywords on one page. All things considered, ensure you are utilizing targeted, significant keywords on every individual page. This will assist with keeping your pages from going up against one another for rankings, and it will make it clear to Google and your customers what each page is about.

  1. DO: Use Good Meta Descriptions and Title Tags.

Title tags and meta descriptions are important components of your web content. 

Title tags are important since they're the first thing that will determine if a user clicks on your website. You need to utilize titles that attract customers — including the target keywords is one approach to do that. 

Meta descriptions also play a significant role in attracting clients to click on your site, while at the same time educating Google about the context of your page. Make sure to compose meta descriptions that convey the context of your page in less than 160 characters.

  1. DO: Provide the Best User Experience.

If the content on your site is plagiarised or boring to read, it will give a bad impression to the visitors, and you might even get penalized by Google for posting duplicate content. To upsurge your rankings, make efforts to advance the user experience for each page. 

Perhaps the most ideal approach to achieve this is by breaking up content. You can list content with bullets and numbers, instead of just writing plain text. Utilize a lot of headings and subheadings to distribute content into sections. 

Additionally, improve the user experience by adding pictures and labelling them with alt text not only for greater accessibility but also for improved SEO. For best results, you can hire the best SEO services in Delhi.

  1. DON’T: Disregard User Search Intent

As previously insinuated, you need your keywords to be relevant to your content. Yet, don't just blindly produce content disregarding the things customers are looking for. 

User search intent depicts what users are looking to find when they search. For eg, if somebody searches "air conditioner LG," they likely aren't searching for an article about the historical backdrop of AC.

When you write a piece of content, make sure you're composing it to fit the search intent for your targeted keyword. Google will know if it's relevant and will rank it accordingly.

  1. DON’T: Overuse Keywords

Yes, keywords are important for ranking on Google but overusing them might put customers off and reduce conversions. And if you stuff each paragraph with keywords after keywords, not only will it give a poor user experience but also decrease your rankings.

This strategy of keyword stuffing is called Black Hat SEO Strategy which is against Google’s guidelines. So, it’s better to avoid using it. 

  1. DON’T: Mislead With Linking Methods.

According to the best SEO Company in Delhi, adding internal links to your site is a brilliant method to keep visitors engaged for a longer duration. If they find an interesting link, they may follow it to another page on your site. But remember to integrate these links organically.

For eg, if a sentence on your site reads "We offer the best wedding services in Delhi," then you should link the anchor text "wedding services" to your wedding services page. Whereas, using "Delhi" as anchor text would be misleading.

Also, avoid overusing keywords as anchor texts as Google will decrease your rankings for that.


Now that you’re aware of the basic DOs & DON’Ts of SEO, you can start implementing them in your SEO strategy. And if you still have any doubts or are looking for the best SEO services in Delhi, then you’re just in the right place.

Our team of experts at Webindia Master will help you optimise all the SEO DOs & DON’Ts for your website and digital campaigns. Get in touch with us today!

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