The 5 powders of healthy protein for your shakes

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Here you have the most popular protein powders classified by quality and bioavailability, as well as their other advantages so you know how to choose which one is best for you.

Your smoothie recipe calls for a spoonful of protein powder. So you have to go to the store only to discover dozens of different varieties: whey, soy, casein, peas, rice, hemp ... the list goes on. To complicate matters, there are two mixtures of powders; those made with sugar and without it, some are obtained from dairy products and others with GMO (genetically modified organism) soy ... Maybe you end up by eating a bag of chips in the next aisle.

But choosing a protein powder does not have to be similar to buying a new car. We are here to tell you that, while all the powders claim to be impressive, they are not all the same. Finding the right one for you depends on your health goals and dietary restrictions, and it should also be based on the bioavailability of a protein, or the ease with which it is absorbed by the body.

1. Whey protein

Whey, derived from cow's milk, takes the palm as the best source of protein. It is called "complete" protein, which means it contains the 9 essential amino acids- those that your body can not produce on its own. Whey enters the bloodstream more quickly than any other protein and has the highest level of the amino acid leucine, good for providing muscles the fuel needed to feed through a workout and build muscle. In fact, whey powder is the most effective in building muscle; so if that is your goal, try to consume this protein within one hour after exercise. Choose this option if: you only want the best powder to increase your protein intake or you are looking to build more or maintain muscle mass.

2. Casein protein

Casein, the main protein in milk, is absorbed more slowly than whey, so it is not as effective in building muscle. But it can make you feel full longer, which makes it a great ally for the replacement shakes (to replace meals) or your oatmeal in the morning. Casein has also been used to improve muscle building when mixed with whey in a post-workout shake.

3. Egg white protein

The egg white protein is just what it seems: the white part of the egg that has turned into a powder. This protein is digested slower than whey, but faster than casein. Although it is not as good as whey or casein in terms of muscle protein synthesis, it is still a good choice in a post-workout or meal replacement shake.

Choose this option if: you are allergic or do not eat dairy products (for example for people who make the Paleo diet), but still want a high-quality complete protein. What type? The only option is "egg white powder," sometimes called "white egg albumin." If you eat organic eggs as part of your diet, you should look for them in a powder. This may be difficult to find, however, what you should consider is to opt for organic pasteurized liquid egg whites as an alternative.

4. Soy Protein

Soy protein is made from ground soybeans that have been defatted and peeled. It is digested at a moderate rate, such as egg white protein, and contains a greater amount of the amino acids glutamine and arginine, which can help support immune function, digestive health, and brain function. It is a complete protein and considered the source of plant origin most effective for the construction or maintenance of muscles, but the verdict is still uncertified, there is no assurance that there are no potential health risks for women with a cancer history related to estrogen and men with lower testosterone levels. If you belong to any of the groups, it is better that you dismiss it, or at least take several different sources of proteins.

5. Pea protein

Pea protein, derived from yellow pea, is the one that has the highest digestibility of vegetable proteins, making it a good alternative for anyone with a sensitive stomach who does not want to take milk or soy products. But it is not a complete protein, since it is low in 2 amino acids so it should be taken along with another protein of vegetable origin, such as hemp or rice to complete your amino acid profile and make it "complete".

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