The 21 Top UI UX Trends Set to Rule 2021

by Nitin Kumar Digital Marketing Company

The key to getting users hooked on to your new applications is to incorporate the latest UI UX design trends that are already dominating 2021. According to Nir Eyal, habit-forming products follow the Hooked model in the order of encountering a trigger, following up that trigger with an action in anticipation of a reward, getting that reward in order to satisfy a craving, and putting in an investment that keeps the user coming back again and again.


A good example of this process is Pinterest. This social platform allows you to explore images and share your own in order to avoid loneliness and feel socially connected. It satisfies a craving for wanting to know what others are up to or how they’ve reacted to some post you’ve put up. There is an investment in that the user can create a collection of pins and images that forms a body of work which he/she will keep returning to check.


This article lists the 21 top User Experience and User Interface design features that are the rage in 2021. Each of these trending features can be implemented under the Hooked model to guarantee creation of successful apps.


1.        Voice User Interfaces: VUI or voice-based interactions are gaining traction in recent times as frequent use of smartphones for work and entertainment make it a chore to type in commands and queries every time.

2.        AR & VR: Greater Augmented Reality features such as 3D visuals of cloths and racing bikes to enhance the sense and feel of owning and using products in commerce and entertainment is in great demand.

3.        Enhanced Collaboration: As workplaces continue to host group calls, virtual meetings, and instant chats online while sharing documents, designs, and processes in real-time, augmenting collaboration features during the pandemic has become critical to functioning businesses. Applications that address the specific needs of this category of users will continue to find popularity in 2021 as the state of emergency continues.

4.        Advanced Micro Interactions: Using live video, data visualization, 3D elements, and advanced motion techniques, and AI, you can create animated instant responses that maintain the sense of human communication and enhance the micro-experience. You can take a closer look at examples of these tools and features in action in the UI UX design course student portfolios here.

5.        Mobile Security: UX Designers and app developers are finally catching on to the fact that mobile devices are one of the most hacked mediums in cyberspace.

6.        Minimalism: Organizing images and content into neat geometric grids and shapes and replacing explicit buttons with discreet links.

7.        Simplicity: Arranging links and content in the most familiar and cognitively comprehensible manner has always been a part of good UI but simplicity also means eliminating fluff and avoiding distractions.

8.        Functionality for every element

9.        Eliminating non-functional decorative elements

10.   Enhanced attention ratio to core details

11.   Extensive White Space

12.   Adding Illustrations to your design helps make your messages clearer and describes complex tasks in a more flexible manner.

13.   Artificial Intelligence: AI helps predict user behavior and solves user problems without error or delay.

14.   Bright Visuals: Apps are increasingly using brighter and louder colors to attract attention and ensure brand recognition.

15.   Motion Elements: Animated visuals help with visual understanding while eliminating the file size overload associated with video.

16.   Neomorphism: This is the creation of protruding visual elements to mimic real-life product experiences.

17.   Asymmetry: This is the antithesis of traditional symmetry used in art and design. Experimenting with unexpected design asymmetries helps your graphics stand out.

18.   Storytelling: Arranging tasks in sequence with a visual or text-based story running the length of the sequence is a great way to make UX more interesting.

19.   3D Graphics: 360 degree views of products help in gaining touch and feel and may consist of more than VR.

20.   Surreal Product Imagery: After lengthy lockdowns and stay-ins due to the pandemic, users are more likely to respond to imaginative product photographs in unreal situations.

21.   Uninterrupted UX: “Creating shortcuts to conversion screens lets users make quick purchases or sign up for subscriptions. This is the time to take users straight to the point rather than boggling them with details”, says Harsha Kakkeri, founder of Designboat UI/UX School, one of the country’s leading industry-certified academies for budding UX & UI professionals.


Experienced mentors at Designboat UI/UX School can teach you how to overcome creator’s block in a space of months so that you get to remain in top form and reach the pinnacle of creative excellence faster. Explore UI UX design courses today.

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