Termites and the ways to prevent, control and manage the pests

by Shawn Morris Termicide Pest Control

Termites are classified as insects which feed on cellulose containing materials. These are serious pests which are capable of causing serious damage to buildings and other materials whose monetary value is huge. They mainly feed on wood, but also books, papers, swimming pool liners and insulations can’t escape from their damage.

There are different types of termites, which are listed below:

·         Subterranean termites – This species lives underground in colonies or moist secluded areas. They build ‘mud tubes' connecting them from their colonies to food source, and to avoid exposing themselves to open air.

·         Formosan termites – These are the most aggressive, destructive of the species. They live underground and build an intricate mud nest inside the structure they inflict. It is due to their aggressiveness they are very difficult to control and manage.

·         Dampwood termites – This species live woods having high moisture content and usually do not infest woods with low moisture content, but care must be taken that they do not infest any structure. These are larger in size than any other of the species.

·         Drywood termites – This are unlike Formosan and subterranean termites, and do not require any contact with soil. This can be found to have infested dead woods or wooden wall support and roof materials.

Detection of termite damage

Termites cause damage silently, and can not be detected till an advanced stage. It is not possible for an untrained person see the signs and detect their existence. These pests cause huge loss of property. One can avoid this by being vigilant and should contact a pest professional to detect and manage their infestation.

The signs to look out for termite

In order to detect and chalk out the course of treating termite-infested structures, one should take note if any of the following signs are there:

v  Softwood when tapped making a hollow sound

v  Uneven paint or bubbled paint

v  Wood structures having blisters

v  Mud structures outside homes

v  Wings discarded by swarmer which signals their entry into structures.

v  Little piles of feces similar to sawdust near wooden structures.

Ways to treat termites

Treating and getting rid of termites ourselves from our property is difficult, as it requires special skill. It specifically requires tools like powerful spray tank, masonry drills and long metal rods for injecting termiticide to the soil. The best pest managing companies use environmentally safe products for Pest Management in Gold Coast.

Professionals strategically place termite baits in the yard of a house for termite management in Gold Coast, QLD. Professionals can only determine the best method to control and manage termites, and course of treating these pests.

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