Termites and pests need to be controlled and managed efficiently to avoid huge damage

by Shawn Morris Termicide Pest Control

Termite damages are hideous but have the potential to cause damage to the extent of collapsing a building. These are serious pests that are capable of causing serious damage to buildings and other materials whose monetary value is huge. They mainly feed on wood, but also books, papers, swimming pool liners, and insulations can’t escape from their damage.

There are different types of termites, which are listed below:

·         Subterranean termites – This species lives underground in colonies or moist secluded areas. They build ‘mud tubes' connecting them from their colonies to the food source, and to avoid exposing themselves to open air.

·         Formosan termites – These are the most aggressive, destructive of the species. They live underground and build an intricate mud nest inside the structure they inflict. It is due to their aggressiveness they are very difficult to control and manage.

·         Dampwood termites – This species live woods having high moisture content and usually do not infest woods with low moisture content, but care must be taken that they do not infest any structure. These are larger in size than any other of the species.

·         Drywood termites – This is unlike Formosan and subterranean termites, and does not require any contact with soil. This can be found to have infested dead woods or wooden wall support and roof materials.

Pests are always to be kept under control as some of these are carriers of harmful disease. Pest Management Gold Coast is rendered by some pest control firms which provide both residential and commercial pest control services.

Professional termite control and management service providers are providing round the clock service, to combat harmful microbes and safeguard the health and wealth of their clients. Nowadays pest misting technology and hospital-grade disinfectants are being used by these companies. This facility is available for commercial, construction, and residential property, by renowned companies of pest control Gold Coast.

The importance of pest management can be seen in the following points:

·         Nearly 20 percent of the world food is eaten by rodents

·         Rodents are primary carriers of other pests like. Flea, ticks, etc

·         Rodents are carriers of transmittable diseases.

·         Cockroaches act as allergens to people, especially child asthma is caused by roach allergens

·         Termites are estimated to damage properties worth millions.

Property owners worldwide have a reason to worry about termite infestation, due to the extent of damage it causes, thus prompting house owners to take preventive steps, or control them.  Termites Gold Coast, Brisbane, Queensland has trained professionals to handle these pests properly. Professional service for termites management is available worldwide, including the above-mentioned places.

Preventing termite infestation is always better than treatment.

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