Terminal Pillars Letters Meaning in Deutz Generator Set

by Generator D. Diesel Generator

In generally, there is terminal pillars in generator, such as armature, magnetic field, tower, neutral point, etc. These terminal pillars have different letters, what does the letters mean? Today Starlight manufacturer talks about terminal pillars letters meaning in Deutz generator set.

1. Armature terminal pillars. It is a coarser terminal pillars in generator, in generally, its diameter is 6mm;

2. Magnetic field terminal pillars and neutral point terminal pillars. There are two buttons on the generator, usually 3 mm in diameter. One of the screw roots contacts directly with the outside or connects with conductive copper sheet, which is a tower terminal pillars. Another adjacent thin terminal is the magnetic field terminal, and an independent terminal is the neutral point terminal;

3. Use multimeter to measure and identify. Before measure, remove the wires on the terminal pillars of the generator, place the multimeter in RX10 gear and RX100 gear, then one watch rod is connected to the generator housing, and the other one is connected to two thin terminal pillars on the brush rack. If the resistance value is 0, that is tower terminal pillars, if there is resistance value, that is magnetic field terminal pillars.


The rectifier end of the generator has different terminals and different alphabetical symbols on the corresponding positions. The meaning is as follows:

1. A, B+ or B ( Battery) is armature terminal pillars, which connecting with positive rectifier board inside the generator and output electric energy outward. Connect with positive battery and starter through thicker conductor. Generally power output line also known as “B”.

2. F ( Field) is magnetic field terminal pillars, which applied to generator. It connects to the one end of inside generator and excitation winding, and connects to the "F" terminal of the voltage regulator. For an integrated generator (built-in integrated circuit voltage regulator), the end of the excitation winding connected to the integrated circuit regulator is also called "F".

3. N or P is neutral point terminal pillars, which connecting to the star type neutral point inside the generator. Generally used to control relays for various purposes, such as charging indicator relay, magnetic field relay, etc. For the integrated generator (built-in circuit regulator), the neutral point (or the contact point in three-phase winding) is generally connected with the integrated circuit regulator.

4. L (Light) is charging indicator terminal. Inward, connected with integrated circuit voltage regulator, through the voltage regulator to control the operation of charging indicator; outward, generally connected to charging indicator through the burning switch.

5. E ( Earth) is a common sign of the earth terminal pillars. Generally it is connected to generator casing. Inward, connect to E or - letter terminal pillars on voltage regulator, the purpose is to let the generator and voltage regulator form a good circuit to ensure the normal operation of the charging system.

6. IG (Ignition) is Ignition terminal pillars, generally control the operation of generator though it. Outward connect to positive electrode of battery through ignition switch.


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