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by Emily Grace Lead Generation Consultant

Last year has been epic in terms of technology but 2019 is going to be more innovative. Technology trends for Android application development will force developers to think out of the box. In this high end, techno-savvy time business needs to adopt the new trends and stay high in this competition. 

Here we are going to list out the top trending technologies for the Android application development


If you are an android developer then you definitely hear the news that Kotlin is going to replace the Java. Basically, this technology compiling the codes into the native binaries, which can run without a virtual machine. It can also compile the JavaScript source code using the LLVM compiler infrastructure and native implementation of the Kotlin standard library. 

Here we are going to mention the key points about the Kotlin such as:

·         It was written by the same team that brought the Integrated Design Environments (IDEs). So, it clear all the problems that Java had. 

·         If you want to switch to Kotlin from Java, then all you need is a Kotlin plugin that can convert pre-written java files to Kotlin in your Android Studio or IntelliJ. 

·         Java has a very common problem that is nullability, having the null point expectation can kill an app. Kotlin has changed that by including the null right in its type system. 

·         In Kotlin you can write the same Java code in a much simpler manner and saves lots of typing and mental efforts. 

·         The default parameters of the Kotlin is very handy, you can pass the arguments by name instead of index. 

·         The standard Kotlin library has mostly focused on the extensions of the Java standard library.

·         You can add methods to classes without making any changes to their source code, you can also add methods on a per-user basis to the classes. 

·         In Java, you need to write everything but in Kotlin compiler can understand from the code and write the remaining code. 


Flutter is the open-source framework for mobile application development, developed by Google. It is used to design the premium native interface for Android as well as iOS. it uses Google's own programming language "Dart" which is somewhat similar to JavaScript as it has optional built-in type safety support. 

Here we are going to mention the key points about the Flutter such as:

·         Flutter offers faster development with features like Hot Reloading and quick building UIs. 

·         It comes with the modern reactive framework along with a rich set of widgets, animation libraries, and layered extensible architecture. 

·         Developers can use the existing code of Java or Kotlin code to build a completely native iOS app using Flutter.

·         You can make your app more responsive with platform APIs, 3rd party SDKs, and native code in Flutter.   

Android Things 1.0 

Android Things 1.0 is the first-ever non-preview version of the Android OS built for IoT devices. Basically, it is Google's IoT platform made for the developers to write the IoT applications just how they use to write the coder of the Android app by integrating the usual Android API and with a specific IoT support library aimed to provide access to sensors and actuators. Google has announced the support of this OS for new System-on-Modules (SoMs) built by companies like Qualcomm and MediaTek. 

Here we are going to mention the key points about Android Things 1.0.

·         Millions of developers already downloaded the preview version of Android Things SDK. 

·         It improves the core APIs of Android Bluetooth with the additional features for the device management. 

·         Developers can monitor and control the process of applying over-the-air (OTA) software updates from the Android Things console. 

·         Because an operating system, it is designed especially to work as low as 32 to 64 MB of RAM. 

·         It is a lot simpler OS than regular Android, Android TV, or Android auto. 

Android AI assistant

With the AI entities like IBM Watson, Google Assistant, and Sophia, AI industry is flourishing and expanding to every nook and corner of the digital world. In 2018, Google announced the integration of its new supporter Google Assistant into every upcoming Android device. Now with the latest Android Auto users can connect with the Google assistant while driving a car. SO the assistant can help you with your days while you are driving. Android AI assistant is going to be the new industry standard for building AI assistant. 

Here we are going to mention the key points about Android AI assistant 

·         The AI-based chatbots are saving a lot of resources for many organizations and provide better customer service. 

·         The AI bots have become so advanced that they can understand the complicated commands and execute them easily.

·         AI has improved the way e-commerce apps are working with suggestive shopping and pairing similar products. 

Android TV 

Android TV brings the power of Android to the big screen, it allows users to extend the Android app experience into a big screen. The Android TV has access to the Google Play Store so that Android developers can make their mobile app optimize for the big screen with minor adjustments and additions. 

Here we are going to mention the key points about Android TV

·         The amazing mobile games that you wish to play on the big screens are now possible 

·         It supports voice search and gives users the freedom to choose content by voice commending to their smartphone. 

Now you know all the top trends for Android application development but still, there are many business owners who are not sure about investing in mobile application development. So, a mobile application has become one of the most basic requisites if you want to build the most profitable and scalable business. So, if you have any concerns regarding the application development, then consult with the experts of LeadMuster.

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