Teaching Kids the Art of Learning through Observation

by Saurabh Gupta Digital Markter

Do you know how Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity? Have you ever heard about the story of Archimedes’s “Eureka”? Also, do you know how early humans discovered wheels? The answer to all these is the same, and that is through observation. Science and perception go hand in hand, and when it comes to interpretations, observation is the first thing that counts. This is the reason why all science experiments always have observation as a crucial part of them. No matter if it is an elaborate experiment or an elementary one, observation remains central to every exploration.

Observation is not merely looking at things. But it is all about inspection, curiosity, and a mind that focuses on interpretation. It is hence very important that kids know the importance of observing carefully and finely. We, at JPInternational School, one among the good schools in greater noida,believe that all kids should be encouraged to develop the power to observe as this quality can help them a great deal in achieving success in every field. And keeping that in mind, we, at JPIS, have brought forth in this article today a few ways that the parents can try at home to instill the skill of observing in kids. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes a person perfect. If you want your child to hone his/her observation skills, make him/her practice as much as you can. You can play easy games with your kids to help them learn observing. If your child is playing in the garden, once he/she returns, you can ask the names of flowers he/she has witnessed in the garden. Or, if you have planted a few new plants in the garden, ask your kids to spot which ones are new.

Ask Them to Solve Puzzles

At school greater noida, we have witnessed in our years of experience that puzzle-solving is not only an excellent indoor game for kids, but it also helps develop an intuitive mind capable of coherent interpretation. Of late,since children are spending all their time at home, puzzles can come as a big-time aid in helping to enhance their observation skills. Hence, introduce a variety of puzzles to your little ones and see how it helps to keep them engaged in a productive manner. greater Noida best schools This will help them remain attentive and observant as all puzzles demand high-end observation skills. Be it the jigsaw puzzle for the younger kids or number games for the middle school children, puzzles always nourish the observation skills optimally.

Help Them Interpret Images

Image interpretation can be another way of teaching observation skills to your kids. You must have seen that plenty of the primary level textbooks come with simple image interpretations. It can be an image of a market place or a rainy day. Ask your kids to observe everything depicted in the image carefully and write about the picture in detail. For older children, you can use more complex images and even themed pictures. The experts at our school opine that interpretation is a skill that remains closely related to observation.

Observation needs an alert mind. By teaching your kids observation, you will also help them gain an agiler mind, capable of learning faster. It also aids in the process of concentration. An observant person is someone who can focus on things better than someone who lacks observation skills. And there’s no denying that to thrive in the highly competitive world of today, one needs to stay observant and alert at all times. We, at JP International School, recognized as one of the best international schools in noida, would hence like to recommend all the parents to start working on sharpening the observation skills of your kids.

Studies have revealed that a child who learns to observe carefully from an early agestarts observing things more spontaneously and sharply than others and is more likely to grow into a fast learner. Hence, help your kids to grow observant, and success will accompany them all lifelong.

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