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The hands of a clock are always moving and with every movement, some incidents take place around us. These incidents may be auspicious or inauspicious are sudden and unexpected, leaving a huge impact on our lives. But there is a world where all these happenings are not sudden, these incidents can be calculated and predicted. Some inauspicious activities can even be passed on with very pure and spiritual ways of worship.

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 All these studies and calculations are known as Astrology. It is a semi-science of the relationship between the sun, moon, earth, or other planets to humans and their lives. Since all humans, planets, moons, and the sun is bound with each other in the solar system, hence their rays show effects on each other. The positioning patterns of all celestial bodies tell a lot about an individual and their life. talk to astrologer for any kind of life-related solutions. we offer free online astrology services for every precious customer.


Studying the stars and moon has its root in the very ancient period. Astrology is practiced all over the world, such as in India, China, Africa, Greece, and more. The astrological maths of every region differ at some points but matches at many.


While talking about the students or scholars of astrology, they have titled Astrologers.


Astrologers are the medium who is capable of decoding the signs and signals of a celestial body to relate and predict the incidents of the future. Since every individual is unique, the stars and their rays work specifically for each. Hence, consulting and talk to an astrologer would work the best to know the precise effects.


Astrology is more about belief and trust, and the belief differs from land to land and region to region. Astrology of every region has its beauty and methods of calculations. There are numerous variants namely, Indian Astrology, Chinese Astrology, African Astrology, Mayo Astrology, and more. Let’s get to know about Indian Astrology first before moving ahead.


Indian Astrology

India is known for its tradition and rituals, where Astrology is an important part. From describing the dates of the festivals, giving a name to a child, or calculating Muhurat for a Shaadi, astrology has a crucial role in every auspicious event in Indian families.


The roots of Indian astrology come from the ancient era text namely, Rig Veda. Indian astrology is about Vedic astrology, where it first started to determine the appropriate Kaal for Yagya (Yajna), to get the fullest fruit of Yagya. Parasar Muni, a Maharishi and author of many ancient texts, is known as the father of Vedic astrology in India.


Even after the modernization of India, Indian families follow the Panchang (almanac) to perform prayers and celebrate festivals. An Almanac is the Hindu calendar that has this mentioned in it with every English date, some even have the auspicious timings mentioned in it. This almanac is prepared by the contribution of several astrologers who have deep knowledge of astrology.


Indian astrology includes the positioning of planets known as Grah, Nakshatra, Houses, and more. The drastic changes are shown especially after every eclipse, either solar or lunar. The effects are based on every individual's zodiac sign or Rashi.


Rashi is a part of astrology. Zodiac signs play a major role while calculating or predicting one’s life events, or any other thing. Zodiac signs are based on the nakshatra of the person's birth time. There are a total of 12 zodiac signs in Indian astrology, the astrologers do all the calculation which includes the birth time, date, place, and some other information, and clarifies the zodiac sign of an individual.


So, when it comes to predicting and calculating a specified muhurat or to prepare a kundali, an astrologer comes into the picture. free online astrology consultation is always there for all your queries.


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As mentioned above, astrologers are the one who studies astrology. In India, astrologers are often known as Acharya. The title of Acharya in India is not easy to get, there are huge and prestigious colleges/universities offering degrees in this field.


A well-qualified astrologer or Acharya can help a person to resolve his life issues with the help of nakshatra studies and observations. There was a time when you had to find a good and experienced astrologer here and there but still used to end up failing to find one. But with the growing world, has also come up with this online platform to resolve your issue and hunt for astrologers.


At you will find some of the best astrologers who are ready to help you 24/7. All these best astrologers in india are available online just one call away from your reach.

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