Taking precautions is necessary now than ever

by agha raza agha

We are fighting with the third wave of pandemic. After a whole year of chaos all around the world, the vaccination gave the sigh of relief along with the sense of security, that there will be stability from now on, but the mutated virus has taken away all the cheeriness and peace from the people. It made people think and question, that when this all going to have an end and people would live a normal life?

Learned few good things

The time of crisis taught us many things and made some major modifications in our lifestyle. It brought our attention to the practices which we were ignorant of for quite a while, such as cleanliness. Cleanliness is of utter importance in every civilization and in the religion as well, practicing it was little hard for few people, but in pandemic, everyone started practicing it, as there is nothing more important than our health, and the only way for our protection was to stay clean and sanitized.

Following SOPs is important now than ever

In Pakistan, the condition was lesser serious than rest of the world. Pakistan, was on the way to end the spread of virus, and getting back to normal life by opening schools for little kids even, but this third layer forced the administration to implement the lockdown, and hence all the educational institutes are closed again.

The nation overcame the first two waves by standing together and strictly following the SOPs by covering their faces with either a surgical face mask or KN95 facemask in public or social gatherings, and firstly avoiding gatherings, and if they have to attend it then maintaining safe distance so the virus doesn’t spread, and of course washing your hands every half an hour for twenty seconds and avoiding any kind of touch, especially avoiding touching your face.

surgical face mask

We should have taken precautions earlier but nature has its own ways of amending itself

As the world has been going through a lot lately, we should have been practicing such things for long, to keep ourselves safe from diseases and problems, occurring due to smog and other issues, but we never realized that. The pandemic forcefully made us do this. Well nature has its own ways of amending itself.

Three layered masks are better than two layered masks

With the increase in demand of facemasks, a number of local companies manufactured these facemasks and made them available in the market. With such practices the quality of facemasks suffered. What these companies did, they made two layered facemasks. The two layered facemask are made of two layers of Spun bond fabric only. These masks do provide some sort of protection, but they are not as safe as three layered facemasks. Three layered face mask consist of three layers, the two of them is made of the same Spun bond fabric layer, and then the third layer of melt blown is sandwiched between these two layers.

What is a Melt blown layer?       

Melt blown layer, is the layer made of melt blown fabric which actually acts as the filtration layer, this layer filters all the germs or dust and provides you ultimate protection.

Medbarrier is the company which manufactures these three layered surgical face mask and KN95 face mask which are airy and breathable and provide you with ultra-protection. You can also order these face mask online by just visiting their website or Instagram handle.  

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