Taking Painkillers With Coffee

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If you're ever looking for good pain killers in Kennesaw, GA, you're certainly not alone. Pain, whether it be in the forms of a headache or a sore tooth, is one of the most common ailments for which you can take medicine. As a result, there is a variety of medicines you can take for pain, as well as a number of natural remedies. However, it can be difficult to find the right solution for you. Well, one German study found that caffeine can actually aid the effects of painkillers.

Background on Painkillers

Drugs like ibuprofen are in a category of medicine called analgesics. In addition to proving highly successful painkillers, these medicines are also known to have a ceiling effect in which its relieving qualities cap off after a certain dosage. As a result, many people in severe pain, such as those recovering from surgeries, find only partial relief from such painkillers.

Past observations revealed that caffeine may be beneficial in increasing the effectiveness of analgesics, but no clinical trials had been conducted prove it. This study sought out to do so.

Testing the Combination of Caffeine and Ibuprofen

To test the effects of ibuprofen on pain, the study could not inflict pain for obvious ethical reasons. Instead, they employed 748 patients that were to undergo scheduled dental surgeries. In their recovery process, they were divided into four groups with four different treatments:

  1. Placebo containing neither caffeine nor ibuprofen.
  2. Caffeine
  3. Ibuprofen
  4. Combined doses ibuprofen and caffeine.


Compared to the first three groups, the group that received a combined dose of both caffeine and ibuprofen did experience more powerful relief of their dental pain. This proved the primary hypothesis that caffeine does indeed improve the effectiveness of painkillers past their ceiling dosage. More specifically, the pain relief was reported to be 30% higher when ibuprofen was taken with caffeine.

In finding these results, it should also be mentioned that caffeine as a means to improve the effectiveness of pain relievers was proven to do so not only efficiently but safely. Because clinical trials like these must be entirely safe, this study was no different in proving that caffeine treatments are a safe solution. 

Because of these findings, it is important to realize the potential of the medicines available to you. No matter for what ailment your looking for good pain killers in Kennesaw, GA, the impacts they have on you can seem like miracles for the pain you may be experiencing.

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