Taking Care of Kitchen Range Hood During End of Lease Cleaning

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Let us start this page in a rather iniquitous way!!! Here is something you can do!! Just get around your locality and ask the blokes all over, a very naïve question, “Well mate, what’s the first thing that comes across your thoughts when you think of the end of lease cleaning?” 

As per the records, almost 80 percent of the respondents with considering carpet steam cleaning companies in Melbourne to be the major stakeholders-in-chief when it comes to the end of lease cleaning!!! And they are not to be blamed entirely, for indeed most people think of carpet cleaning, before anything else, whenever they think of EOL cleaning. 

Yes!! It is a very important chapter indeed, but it is not all. Another extremely crucial part of EOL cleaning is cleaning the kitchen range hood and making it look as chic as new. 

What Do the Pros Use?

Professionals from a reputed company use eco-friendly agents for all the cleaning. Likewise, for cleaning the range hood, they would use boiling water and baking soda.  They will also use degreasing liquids used for dishwashing. The tool that they use includes soft nylon-bristled brushes. 

The Steps...

Range hoods, regardless of their brands are consisted of a filter, which covers the fan and helps to arrest all the grease and food particles, before they get into the ductwork. In most cases, these structures are made up of a metal, which if cleaned and maintained properly, can be reused repeatedly. Fortunately, taking care of these structures is a comparatively easier chapter of end of lease cleaning compared to some of its other aspects, and hence can be conducted without using harsh chemicals.

Step 1: Removing the Filter:

At first, the pros would remove the reusable filter and for that, they will at pop out the latches that are present at either side of the filter. 

Step 2: Preparing the Cleaning Solution:

At first, they would pour boiling water in a sink, filling it. In case there is no sink available, they would use a large pot or a heatproof baking dish made of glass. Now they would add a couple of tablespoons of the dishwashing liquid that has a degreaser, into that boiling water. Then they would add one-half cup of baking soda as well, and then stir the solution properly.  

Step 3: Soaking the Filter:

Now they would submerge the entire filter into that solution and leave it like that for at least 30 minutes or so, to let it soak properly. They generally do not scrub but let the cleaning agents present in the warm water do all the heavy lifting. Once done, they would remove the chimney before the water completely cools down. If the water cools down with the filter still in it, the grease will again settle on the surface, defeating the very purpose of all these efforts.

Step 4: Scrubbing the Filter and rinsing it

Now, after the filter is taken out of the water, they would scrub it thoroughly for removing any grease or foodstuff that may still be clinging to the surface. Once done, they will rinse the entire filter once again thoroughly with fresh hot water and then dry it completely before putting it back on the range hood. 

Therefore, you see, cleaning the inner surface of the kitchen range hood is an extremely important part of the end of lease cleaning in Melbourne and this is not rocket science. When you summon the pros from reputed companies, they make sure that the entire cleaning is done thoroughly and flawlessly, for getting the bond back…intact! For that is what really matters the most when you move!

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