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Greer, South Carolina (Sept 24, 2019) - Now comes the exclusive distributor of the only whey protein powder from grass-pasturedcows that has never been damaged by heat and is encoded with a life giving frequency science.

In 2010 I Stephen Heuer, Nutripath, came to know a man with two PhD's and one masters in the sciences. He told me he'd come up with a new whey protein powder and asked if I'd like to try it. Having tried several whey protein powders over the years and experienced digestive distress from doing so. I was not too excited about trying his samples of whey. The samples arrived and they tasted delicious. What's more within 3 hours I felt more cheerful, like a definite change had taken place. I called up the Doctor and asked him if I could buy and distribute his whey. He said yes. Over the next several years, people taking our whey would call us to share all kinds of amazing results. "My menopausal hot flash symptoms are gone after 2 weeks on your whey." "I've been on Prozac for 20 years. After 10 months on your whey I detoxified my brain of mercury and now have this normal mood." "My 3 year old autistic son can only consume raw milk and your whey. After one month on your whey, his 7 lung tumors went away." "My elderly mother is moving her legs and has energy like she is must younger on your whey." Or "A 90 year women in hospice care had been on raw milk and pea protein powder with no improvements. A new caretaker arrived and replaced her pea protein powder with our whey. The very first day of consuming our whey, she go out of bed, started taking care of herself and her appetite came back. Over 2 weeks time she gained 3 lbs. of muscle. The hospice nurses had never seen anything like it."

Our whey used to be called One World Whey, then we had a name change and now call it: Green Meadow Whey. The reason for all these sensational results with Green Meadow Whey is because, it is from grass pastured cows, grazing on grass grown on very fertile soil, our whey is never damaged by heat and has a life giving frequency encoded into it. Never being damaged by heat, means that the amino acids and proteins retain the shapes that nature gave them and is called Non-denatured. All other whey proteins are heat sterilized and therefore have amino acids and proteins that have become bent and twisted and are called denatured. Having said this many whey protein powders from grass pastured cows, still call their product Non-denatured, even though they heat sterilized it.

Whey is not just for bodybuilding. It supports glutathione production, detoxification and the health of every organ and tissue of the body. Whey is also nature's richest source of the 3 amino acids that build muscle. So yes if non-denatured, then non-denatured whey also supports muscle growth.

To obtain Green Meadow Whey go to: or call 888-988-3325.

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