Summer Tyres and Everything You Should Know About Them

by Silver Garage Car Tyres Yeadon, Leeds

Summer is an excellent season to go for a drive. To make this journey more comfortable, the car and its tyres should be in tip-top condition. You can ensure this by using summer tyres. What are summer tyres and why are they a good option for the hotter months of the year? Let us find out.

As the name suggests, these are a specialized variety of tyres made to bear the summer heat. These tyres are designed to operate on both wet and dry road conditions, so they are efficient and optimize vehicle performance.

 When should you use summer tyres?

The ideal time to fit these tyres on the wheels is when the temperature rises beyond 7°C. Should you avoid their use in winters completely? The answer is yes, especially if you live in a region with harsh winters and regular snow. However, if the weather is mild, you can probably get by using a summer set.

What are the advantages of summer tyres?

Summer tyres are sufficiently stiff, so they are resistant towards the heat of the season. Thus, the tyres are less worn out. Both the composition and pattern of the tread are responsible for the working of these tyres. The grooves on the surface are shallower compared to the other types. The rib design also allows maximum contact with the pavement, accounting for the braking and cornering stability. The tread bars reduce the chances of hydroplaning while maximizing the grip on wet and dry roads. The tread compound, which is the rubber mixed with sticky additives, further improves this grip. These tyres are light-weight, thus enhancing vehicle performance. The noise of the vehicle also decreases due to reduced rolling friction. That also lowers fuel consumption, thus increasing mileage and cutting down fuel costs.

What are their disadvantages?

As expected, summer tyres cannot be used for the colder times of the year. The rubber hardens when the temperature drops below the threshold and gets damaged. Another downside of these tyres is that their options for rotation are limited. That is because of the asymmetrical tread design that can ultimately cause uneven tread wear.

Comparison with winter and all-season counterparts

The difference between summer and winter tyres is quite evident from their use, design and composition. Winter tyres are designed to run through snow-covered or icy grounds. Due to the type of terrain they cover, they are heavier compared to summer tyres. That impacts the performance of the vehicle and ups the fuel consumption. If the roads you travel on fit the weather conditions for summer tyres, they are the way to go. 

As for all-season tyres, these seem to be the more practical option to many people. They assume that getting a set of all-seasons would cover for both the hot summers and cold winters. However, this is not the case. All-season tyres are only efficient for places with mild weather and cannot hold up in extreme temperatures. The tyres can get worn out, so the best choice is getting two separate sets of summer and winter tyres. 


Investing in a set of high-quality summer tyres like Bridgestone Tyres Leeds can keep you safe and improve your driving experience by a long shot. Using appropriate tyres in every season increases their durability. That keeps your vehicle in top-notch condition. 

Not every place has climatic conditions that require summer tyres. Before getting a set of tyres Yeadon, make sure to cross-check their performance criteria with your needs. If you are still confused, contact a local tyre dealer for further assistance. 

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