Success associated with IVF treatment

by Kate Steel Fertility Center

IVF is a boon treatment option for couple to conceive. Moreover the cost of IVF in India makes it more affordable and achievable in terms of its success. This science depends on accurate conditions and so the success rate of IVF also depends on how these conditions are helped.


Factors Affecting IVF Success Rate

  1. Age of the woman –Poor results in older women.

  2. Uterus status –If it’s totally normal

  3. The semen’s quality should be cultured.

  4. Best laboratory conditions.

  5. The total number, quality of eggs maturity land the quality of eggs recovered.

  6. The total count of embryos that have been transferred

  7. Reasons of infertility– Low ovarian reserve rates, endometriosis, previous genital tuberculosis or very severe male factor with DNA damage.

  8. Selection and screening  of patient

  9. Mental and physical preparation of patient

  10. If choice of cryopreservation of embryo can be availed.

  11. Conditions like donor or surrogacy when the reproduction is outsourced allows better rates in success, in women who do not produce their own eggs or in women who not have a strong uterus.


How is IVF Success Rate Increased?

Women who are less than 38 years of age have a positive chance of thawed embryo transfer or cyro-preservation. They are usually with a normal reserve of ovaries that is judged on the serum day-3 FSH level and also have other donor eggs with better success rates.


One more choice is to improve the pregnancy odds to freeze the spare pre embryos or to opt for more attempts. If a patient can produce a good number of healthy embryos and can have an option of pregnancy at their disposal at a much lower cost which results in cost control. The other major reason is the success rates in reproduction which is the total number of pregnancies routed from a single cell. This has been followed from a fresh cycle of embryo transfer additionally with cycle of the transfer of the cryo-preserved embryo that is gotten from the same stimulation. Along with the cost it can improve the chances of pregnancy by over 60%. To get the desired result under a efficient doctor you should count on none other than the  Best IVF Centre in India

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