Steps to Restore a Slow Draining Sink

by Robyna Butera Professional Blogger & Writer

Steps to restore a slow draining sink

One of the most common plumbing nuisances that you can encounter is a slow draining sink. Can you imagine brushing your teeth and observing the foam not disappearing as quickly as you would like? The culprit is most probably a slimy mixture of soap, debris, dirt, grime, and hair. Moreover, these materials can also accumulate in the pipes and obstruct the natural flow of water. Ultimately, it will block the drain and cause issues with the drainage system. The only way to avoid this messy scenario is to make sure that the sink remains clog-free

How to restore a slow draining sink

There are various methods that you can adopt to get rid of the clogs that can slow down the draining of the sink. Check out the ways listed here to know more.

1.   Clean the pop-up of the sink

Firstly, you need to take out the pop-up of the sink and then clean it. However, in most cases, the pop-ups are held together by a nut, which is present just underneath the sink. In order to remove the sink pop-up, you need to go behind the pipe and locate the nut of the pop-up. After you unfasten the nut, you can pull out the pop-up from the sink drain with ease. After cleaning it, you must install it with care.

2.   Opt for a plunger

If you are thinking that plungers can only be used when there is a complete drain blockage, you are wrong. You can also use it in case of a slow sink drain. With the assistance of plumbing, you can dislodge the debris and grime with ease. In order to get more efficient results, you must take a rag and use it as a cover for the sink overflow. With this, you can make a seal that will aid in clearing the clogged pipe.

3.   Clean the sink overflow

There are two main functions of the sink overflow. One of them is to allow the entry of air into the drain in case the sink is full of water. And the other is to ensure that the water is diverted if it rises in the sink too much. However, the sink overflow is also the place where dust and debris tend to accumulate. You must clean it to aid in restoring the slow draining sink.

4.   Use a homemade cleaner

After you pull out the chunk of dust and debris, you can use a drain cleaner of your own. Homemade cleaning solutions are easy to make. All you will need to do is pour equal quantities of baking soda and vinegar into the drain. After some time, you need to flush hot water down the drain. The reaction between soda and vinegar will aid in clearing the clog within the drain pipes.

5.   Choose a drain cleaning tool

To get out the accumulated dust and debris, you can use small drain cleaning tools. It is also known as a hair clog tool. This plastic tool has a long handle at one side and barbs at the other end. With the barbed side, you can now take out the hair, grime, and other debris within the sink drain. For this, take out the pop-up and then insert the tool into the drain. Move it around and then take it out.

6.   Opt for a drain snake

If a plunger doesn't do the trick, you can try the drain snake. Also known as a drain auger, it is the perfect tool for getting rid of the stubborn clogs within the sink drain. After removing the stopper, take the snake auger stop, and insert it within the drain. Move it down the pipe and then retract it after some time to take out the grime and debris. When you feel the block with the top, you need to turn the snake's handle and ensure that the tip breaks through the blockage.

Having a slow draining sink? Get expert aid now!

There are numerous reasons that can lead to the slow draining sink. Over the passage of time, the dirt, debris, and grime accumulate and slow the natural flow of water. If you leave it untreated, then the clog will increase and disrupt the whole drainage system. That is why you must take immediate steps to counteract the issue. In case the clog persists, you must contact professional plumbers.

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