Standby Generator VS Portable Generator, Which Is Better?

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Generator plays an important role in our life. When there is no electricity, it can provide the timely help. We know that generator is divided into all kinds of types such as gasoline generator, diesel generator, portable generator, trailer generator, silent generator, low noise generator, standby generator, etc. In addition, different types generator have various brands. What we are most familiar with is Cummins generator, Volvo generator, Perkins generator, Honda generator, etc.

When you are going to buy a generator, considering the generator set you buy is fixed or portable? Diesel or gasoline? Usually, common generator is fixed like standby generator, portable generating set can be moved and such kind of genset is  installed on mobile chassis, it has strong mobility and adaptability, applicable to rescue or emergency power construction at remote areas.

If you don’t know how to choice, this article will guide you to choose the most suitable diesel generator. Keep reading.

Difference Between Standby and Portable Diesel Generator

Standby generators are those that are installed permanently. They are connected directly to the main electrical system of the particular structure where they are supposed to be installed. They may be automated (starts when the electricity goes out and stops when the power is restored) or not. They are considered the most feasible option for larger organizations such as factories and hospitals where the power requirements are always very high.

However, portable generators, on the other hand, are those that are not installed permanently.  The one you can move around. They can be transported as and when needed in the place of power requirement. Thus, they are the best option for industrial, residential and recreational purposes. Their availability in smaller capacities and lower and mid price ranges also make portable generators a preferred choice among most consumers. Portable diesel generators thus seem to have an edge over the standby models.

These small portable generators are not designed to power an entire house. The intention is for you to run one or several extension cords from the generator directly to the appliance you wish to power. You may connect it to a refrigerator for a few hours, then a window air conditioner, and maybe a few table lamps. Forget about connecting all of your appliances at once to a small portable generator. It simply will not work.

A standby generator is a larger fixed device that resembles an outdoor air conditioning compressor. They are capable of generating enough power to keep many essential electrical devices operating at once, or you can invest in a standby generator that can operate every electrical appliance and light in your house all at once.

Well, one primary difference between a standby generator and a portable one is the standby generator will turn itself on when the primary electric to your home is knocked out. This is accomplished by the transfer switch, and can have your lights back on in as little as ten seconds. When the utility company finally restores your power, the transfer switch senses this and shuts off your generator.

Some standby generators come with software that allows you to check the status of your generator if you're not at home. This software can also communicate with you or a service company if it senses something is wrong that might cause the generator to fail in the event of a power outage. This allows you to have it repaired so that it will be working when you need it most.

Portable generators can get you by in an emergency, but they are not in the same league as a standby generator. In an emergency, you need to drag out the portable generator, and safely string all the extension cords. You then need to add fuel to the engine on a regular basis day and night. It can be a hassle. You also need to be very careful about placing it near the partially open window or door that the cords pass through. The carbon monoxide fumes from the engine exhaust can drift indoors.


Where are Portable Diesel Generators Mainly Used For?


Portable diesel generators are the most recommended mainly for industrial purposes for the sake of their energy efficiency and low maintenance features. It delivers greater horsepower per gallon of fuel and can be used to perform heavy industrial work for longer periods of time. Portable diesel generators in smaller capacities are regarded a worthwhile investment as a power backup in households. They also find utility in marine and recreational vehicles.


Nowadays, diesel generator sets are known mostly because of their reliability.  It offers higher durability provided you keep them running continuously and perform regular upkeep. The genset are powerful in performance. But they are more expensive than the gas counterparts. Moving and transporting diesel generators are also slightly difficult because of their heavy weight. They are also noisier than the other types.


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The Genset features are listed below:


1. Steel plate suspension structure; equipped with mechanical parking braking (Hand brake) and air braking for connecting the tractors.

2. The portable trailer adopts height adjustable bolt type traction frame, which is suitable for all kinds of height tractors, with large turning angle and high mobility.

3. The four corners of the frame are equipped with mechanical support device; the three sides of the trailer have operation and maintenance platform; the tail is equipped with a pedal, etc.

Also, we can supply the following configurations:

1. Traction: adopting movable hook, 360 degree turntable, flexible steering, to ensure driving safety.

2. Braking: it has a reliable air brake interface and hand brake system which can ensure driving safety.

3. Support: to ensure the stability of the power van operation, it is equipped with four mechanical or hydraulic support device.

4. Doors and windows: The front is equipped with a ventilating window, the rear is equipped with a folio door, and the two sides are also equipped with doors that allow the operators to get in and out.

5. Lighting: there is a explosion-proof lamp inside the car, a workbench is equipped on the right side, and with a work desk lamp, which is convenient for operators to work.

6. Sound-proof: both the body and the door of the electrical power unit are decorated with double layers, and also equipped with sound absorbing panel silencer; the exhaust pipe is packaged with insulation cotton, the minimum noise can be controlled within 75dB(A).

7. Car size: it can be designed according to the specification, the operators can walk around, it is easy to operate and maintain.

8. Beautiful external appearance: adopting polymer polyurethane paint, the color can be customized by customers, the exhaust pipe exhausts downward, to ensure a beautiful apperance.

9. Fire fighting: it is equipped with two fire extinguishers.


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