Sonic Force: 10 Beginner Tips to Know Before Starting

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If you prefer simple and 2D platform games then you have heard about the Sonic Force. This game is simple, that is why the efforts required in this game is much low and offers you a good experience.

We have to consider and accept the fact that this is not the most robust game right now. Still, it doesn’t mean that you can’t miss or improve the gaming skills in here. If you have played this game, then you know that this is not only about speed. Here, you have to face a lot of the bosses in the battle in this game too. You can have a lot of power surges, if you know precisely, where to go.

The company has released a pass for the players to get access to paid games as free for this (march) month. For that, you have to collect the pass naming PS Plus Games. Now, you wish to complete the full expanded version of the game section, till your pass expires. For that, you should go through these tips to end the game.

  1. More you Observe, More you Collect

If you focus on completing targets, then there are tons of possibilities that you are missing a lot of the adventure and Rings. So, you should take a detour and go to lower levels in the 2D environment. At a lower level, you can have an extra boost and abilities if you play the right cards.

  • The Homing contains A Secret

Your avatar has the ability to homing spin, in both old and new Sonic Version. If you wish to take down the bad person, then you have to jump and look for the green crosshair. Once you saw it, then Jump again to gain the speed and hit it hard and clean.

  • Every Sonic is Different

Every Sonic has its unique power and capabilities. On the one hand, the modern one can double jump and homing move. On the other hand, the Classic one has a single jump capacity. Still, it can jump over the enemy as it used to do before.

  • Observe Power Prompts

In-game, if you hit the specific objects, then you can activate some power for the fixed time being, such as Vertical Chain Jumps, blasting enemies, and speeding up your pace. These locations and objects are present in the game to add a more robust arena or to access the hidden stage.

  • Careful while Selection of Your Avatar

As in the game, avatars in the game are cosmetic. Still, these can offer some difference in moving and alternative ability. Take the cat for an example: It holds on the ring even after its broken, which provides you extra barrier. So, if you are a reckless player, then you should consider using this avatar.

  • Wispons: Introduction

As the avatars, Wispons selection can have a lot of impact on the gameplay. Everyone holds its importance in specific conditions. Such as Lighting, Hover, and Asteroid are very helpful when you fall, it that condition they save the bacon of your avatar. Yet some can create difficulty in some level. Such as Drill, even though it is powerful, but the charging rate is much lower.

  • Air Supply

If you are going into the section where you have to go underwater, then your prime goal becomes survival. So, you have to search for the air bubbles in that water body, which will work as the air supply for you.

  • Avoid Seizing the Control

Sometimes, eliminating the controls from the games can be attractive and tempting because it makes the game a bit dull. To some extent, it can be useful for players, but to a certain extent, you have to need control so that you have the feeling you are doing something in the game.

  • Avoid the Contact from Weird looking Red Block

You are going to meet a new enemy of your avatar, naming The Fiendish Infinite. You can observe these crackly, weird red blocks lying around the construction arena.

These objects hurt your avatar and change the reality of Sonic and ultimately leads to fatal harm. So, it would be best if you avoided these objects in the game and especially when you are in the battle with the boss.

  1. Win the Battle with Bosses

The bosses of the game are not that hard to battle with; still, you have to be careful and follow these three practices to gain advantages over the bosses:

  • Observe the fighting pattern and look for the most vulnerable moment, then use the green crosshairs to attack them.
  • Avoid the hurls by the Bosses. You have to do this by jumping over them.
  • Never take all the rings at once because if you got the hit, then you can lose every ring in the first attempt.

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Source:- Sonic Force: 10 Beginner Tips to Know Before Starting

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