Something is Not Right About Your Paint! And Light Isn’t the Culprit!

by Abhinav G. Movie Enthusiast

Has it ever happened to you that you walked into your freshly painted living room and found it absolutely repulsive? We know you invested lots of money in beautifying your home. You were even anticipating a classy look after so much of wait. Of course, the sweetness of having your home renovated and decorated is blissful. And imagine if something snatched this happiness away from you? And this something is the weird paint that you paid for to adorn your walls, but is absolutely nothing that you dreamt of!

What went wrong in your newly painted room?

Ok, so you have already asked this question a hundred times to yourself after seeing that your room doesn’t look pleasant enough! Did you get the hang of what went wrong? And we know the first thing that springs in your mind is the lights! You probably believed that the lights are the culprit and they may be spoiling the look of your paint. But actually, you couldn’t be more wrong. We believe, your light is innocent and the main reasons of the paint looking unpleasant in your home can be one of those mentioned below:

  • You opted for a wrong undertone — This is the most common reason behind a paint going off the line in a room. You probably selected a certain captivating colour for your home. But do you know that this colour merges with various other shades and then it gets its undertone. This is the reason that most of the time beige looks reddish, grey becomes blue and so on. And perhaps this is what went wrong in your case too! You probably chose a shade and an undertone that went against it. So instead of blending gracefully, they look jarring.

  • The painter wasn’t that experienced — Another reason why your paint isn’t that stunning is because you chose a wrong painter for the job. That painter wasn’t much experienced or was probably working for the first or second time. And maybe they didn’t have the right equipment for the perfect paint and the accurate perfection needed for the job. This is what probably made your paint backfire this badly. Obviously, not all painting contractors in Auckland are A&B Advanced painters. They have mastered the art of applying perfect coats of paints on your walls through their ample experience and latest equipment for the task.

  • You choose a shade that’s too dark or too pale — Your walls look pleasant with a subtle blend of colours that don’t contradict sharply. But did you choose a dark red shade opposite a dark royal blue hue? Obviously, the result would be shocking! Or did you go for pale green and matched the same with pale blue or light beige may be – making it all look washed out? The trick here is to go for colours that are complementary not only with all the paints, but also with the finishes of the furniture, flooring, furnishings etc.

Apart from these, sometimes, not adding a character to the room like a classy border or a nice trim, makes the freshly painted room look out of place, incomplete and jarring. Now that you know what’s wrong in your painted room, why not try to rectify it? 

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