Some Effective Methods to Kill and Eradicate Bed Bugs

by Austin Baines Content Writer

If you have spotted bed bugs in your apartment or house, you should immediately find out how you can get rid of them as soon as possible. Surely, you can treat your own body with different prescribed medications recommended by your dermatologist, but your surrounding environment also needs treating.

What kills bed bugs? Two ways-outs

In fact, there are two solutions of the problem:

1. Hire insect killers, so called exterminators. This option is rather expensive.

2. Embrace the task of bugs killing on your own. This option is much cheaper, but, truly saying, time-consuming.

As you can see both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes people, who choose the second option, have to turn to specialists after their own failure to manage the problem successfully. But if you feel ability and desire as there are no obstacles to begin a fight with bloody bed bugs.

Methods of bed bugs treatment

Vacuum Cleaning

This method is one of the most widely used ways of getting rid of bed bugs. After noticing even a single bed bug, vacuum all your house/apartment from top to bottom. Use special cap pieces to vacuum furniture and curtains. Don’t forget to vacuum floor moldings as well. If your vacuum cleaner is supplied with a crevice suction tool, apply it to vacuum any seams and cracks on the wall and floor surface. After that vacuum all carpets and rugs. After finishing vacuuming, take the vacuum bag outside and clear its contents in a trash container.

Vacuuming does not mean killing bugs, but it can help you to gather them together with their eggs in a vacuum bag and throw them away from your house. Prompt and effective vacuuming will prevent the infestation of your house. It is suggested that vacuuming should necessarily be combined with other methods of bed bugs removal.

Thermal Processing

Scientists and entomologists have proved that bed bugs can’t stand high temperatures above 38o  C or 100o  F. As a result, there have been invented special means aimed to kill bed bugs with the help of temperature increase. These are special steamers, which process heat onto furniture, clothes, bedding, etc. This method is very effective and is used by professional Brisbane Pest Control Company.

By the way, you can create heat conditions by yourself, for example, by washing your garments, luggage, fluffy toys and bed linen in hot water and ironing them afterwards.

Chemical Treatment

Using different bed bugs sprays and aerosols can help to eliminate insects. What kills bed bugs in case of spray usage? The principle of their work is penetration of the bugs’ exoskeleton with combination of surfactants and salts, which dehydrates them and leads to their natural death. Apply sprays on your furniture, clothing, skirting-boards, various cracks, which can’t be reached by other means. The majority of sprays and aerosols kill bed bugs on contact. It is recommended to choose low-odor or odorless sprays, which are harmless for people and domestic animals. They are quite safe for application on mattresses and bed linen.

Use Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a cluster of aquatic diatoms shells, which has been fossilized with years. This natural means of killing bed bugs comes into contact with bugs’ exoskeletons and destroys them by scratching. Exoskeleton ruination leads to the insect’s dehydration and asphyxiation. All you need to do is to spread this earth across all places where bed bugs may appear. If they try to move across the area sprinkled with earth, they are bound to die within an hour after contact. This method is indeed very effective, because diatomaceous earth doesn’t lose its qualities as time passes and provides long-lasting protection, unlike other methods.

Use Mattress Covers

A perfect solution for bed bugs elimination is the use of zippered mattresses, which guarantee that no bed bugs could ever crawl inside of them. If you want to destroy bed bugs living in your mattress, place a waterproof cover over it. New bed bugs won’t have access to your mattress, and insects already living in it will eventually die of starvation. A mattress cover is a splendid trap used by bug hunters. Do not remove the cover for at least 1 year. By the way, you don’t have to throw away your old mattress and can save money on a new mattress purchase.

Now you know what kills bed bugs. If one of the methods has turned to be ineffective, use the other one. Remember that bed bugs are not so easy to spot; besides they can live for several months without eating. Pay special attention to all corners in your house where the insects may have hidden. Defend your house from unpleasant insects.

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