Some Common Android App development Fundamentals

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Every developer should have adequate knowledge and information regarding the basics of Android Application Development. One can also consult an android app developer in Sydney. 

Android is one of the most popular mobile applications worldwide. It has revolutionised the usage of smartphones by drastically transforming how humankind functions regularly. Skilful and proficient programmers like the android app developer in Sydney are trying to build new apps every day, integrating them with favourable features so that Android users can enjoy a rich experience. 

For beginners, Android can be a completely new phenomenon. Developers cannot begin modelling and programming without adept knowledge in this field. Hence, a basic knowledge of the Android app development fundamentals is essential.  


  1. Mastering the right language  

The two main programming languages required in Android mobile application development is XML and Java. Every developer should have adequate learning about these two programming languages that are the vital prerequisites to developing such apps. The basic components of the JAVA programming language include – 

  • Packages 
  • Classes and Objects 
  • Interfaces and Inheritance 
  • Strings, numbers, generics 
  • Collections 
  • Concurrency 

Only after a comprehensive understanding of the XML and Java languages, one can build a strong and long-lasting Android application. 


  1.   Knowing about the right developmental tools

Every android app developer must familiarise oneself with all the automation tools and the integrated developmental system to make robust apps. To know about the tools, one can use the Android app Studio IDE (Eclipse). Here, one can learn the basics which can help build the base for android knowledge.   

The developers should also familiarise themselves with the concepts and source control tools.  


  1.   Knowing about application 

These are some of the most essential building blocks of the Android mobile application. Through each of these components, the system can enter into the apps. Although each of these is separate and exists independently, they are also dependent on each other. The five main app components are as follows – 


  • Activities: This includes a single screen with a comprehensive user experience where many activities can be handled simultaneously. But each of them is separate.    


  • Services: This is another component that functions in the background for long-running work performances. Here there is no user interface.  


  • Content provider: It works on a shared app data set. Here, one can query the data stored in the file or the web or even modify them. This component is very useful for keeping data private on the phone.  


  • Broadcast receivers: It responds to broadcast announcements. The messages originate from this component without displaying any user interface. Only by creating a notification/ status bar, the user is alerted during the occurring of the broadcast event. It also functions as a gateway to the other components.    


  • Activating component: A synchronised message will activate 3 of the 4 other components like activities, services, broadcast receivers etc. This also binds all the other separate components to one another. 


Android app developers in Sydney are some of the best in this field, producing advanced android based applications for their client use. This includes tech-savvy, business empowering applications with complete feasibility and functionality.

Jonathan Paul, a reputed android app developer in Sydney is associated with Vision & Solutions, one of the best companies for mobile application development services. Here the author has discussed some of the fundamental points which every developer should know before building Android apps.

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