Software Development Outsourcing: Catapulting Greater Economies of Scale

by Aarushi Sharma Human Resource Executive

Globalization has led the market competition to another level altogether. To cope up with the dynamic working space at an unprecedented pace, organizations are constantly working with better human resource management. Entrepreneurs seek alternatives to accomplish their business processes while reducing the work burden. Software development outsourcing is one such smart practices to enjoy greater profits by investing less.

Offshore development has given new meanings to businesses worldwide with economic scalability as an advantageous factor. It has not only given the competitive advantage of reducing production costs but also improving customer relation service and enhancing product quality. To cut to the chase, offshore development services have revolutionized the way organizations work and deliver, especially in the IT sector.

Faster Product Delivery

Deadlines are nerve-wracking. The dynamic market demands instant action with scalable results. Timing is the key, especially when you aim to overtake the competitors with innovation and new product. It’s a break or makes situation. IT sector is a volatile market; releases and deliveries are serious business. IT processes can get lengthy take intense attention and care at every step. This exercise can get really demanding and focusing on other things becomes difficult, hence, outsourcing! Companies offering ODC based services are equipped with a full-fledged team of experts to ramp up their clients’ demands. Many outsourcing partners flexible working models and can offer services in both onshore/offshore and hybrid systems with flexible billings as their USP. Projects can be handled from scratch to finish, or even in phases.

Access to larger talent pools

Exposure to global talent is one of the primary reasons why companies prefer to outsource software development. Outsourcing offers access to a larger talent pool globally with relatively lesser investments. Besides, outsourcing alleviates the stress from development-to-deployment of any project. It helps your business to focus on other core expertise while spending lesser time on hiring in-house software developers.

Focus more on core business

In order to attain more profits from different sources, organizations often neglect their core expertise which served as their USP, be it revolutionary tech, a business model, or a unique approach. Expanding to other services often results to be a futile decision. Offshore development becomes a viable option in this case. This allows onshore teams to focus more on their strategic goals and streamlining their business processes.

Cost-efficient business process

According to some experts and professionals, businesses can save at least 30% by outsourcing their software development. Meanwhile, there is a considerable difference in wages in the country’s economy. When you outsource, you eliminate the cost of hiring a new team, technology, and employee salary. Outsourcing helps in saving costs due to the increase in demand for production hence, making software development affordable for the companies.

Better Risk Management

For the long-term viability of an organization, it is important to bring an effective and efficient risk management policy in the business process. Outsourcing software development not only ensures you the qualitative work in minimal time and cost, but also the equal division of risks and losses. Also, the outsourcing process helps in dividing certain operations and components among different outsourcing vendors to mitigate risks and challenges together.

Accommodate Peak Loads

Every business has times when its demand is at the peak. At such point of time, hiring a whole new team for the new project can result in a waste of resources, decrease inefficiency and higher costs. Outsourcing software development can give you scalable team for the peak period without infusing much effort.

Be it a digital transformation or reducing risks to attain software development success, outsourcing has become the ideal choice for businesses of every type. Outsourcing can be very beneficial for such companies who have limited infrastructure, tight budget, and insufficient domain expertise. Fortunately, companies are becoming smart and outsourcing their projects or tasks to obtain a competitive profit by investing less.


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