Soaking Safely Under The Sun

by Austin Stanfel Building a Foundation for the Future
You can't avoid the sun when going outside in the summer. Unless it is cloudy and it rains, the sun will be shining, and its rays are coming down upon us. Still, it is excellent for families to go out to the park or the beach for a happy outing. However, we have to be careful of staying out in the sun for too long because of those dangerous UV rays. We cannot be outside without any sun protection because of the health issues that arise, as well as any damage on the surface. For children, it is much more severe.

A child's skin burns a bit quicker than an adult. Sunburns are painful, killing the epidermis and peeling away over time. Blisters are formed, and the sun progresses dehydration and exhausting, which means a ton of sweat and rashes. Stare into the sun long, and the eyesight can be damaged. Burns also come on surfaces like the sand, sidewalk, or a metallic slide in the park. The risk of skin cancer also goes up when they are overexposed as a child, affecting them as they get older. Melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and Squamous-cell skin cancer are among the more common types found in people.

The best thing, of course, is getting high SPF sunscreen. It should have at least an SPF of 15, but the more, the better as what can be found. Place a thick layer on all exposed skin, including over the shoulder, back, neck, and face. Another layer will have to put on overtime as it wears off. Then, there's what we wear. Get a dark hat and a pair of sunglasses. While we go to shorts and a t-shirt, it is better to have a long-sleeve shirt and long pants because it covers the exposed skin. It can be of light colors and breathable when walking.

The best way to stay safe while outside is to have shade around us. Go outside on the beach, sit under a towel if you can't find a chair, and have an umbrella over you. Those canopies that can be rented out is an excellent use of shade that lets you go in and out. Or, if in the park, find a large tree to be under. The ground will be, and playgrounds under shade mean the surface won't burn the skin. Shade also cuts glare in the eyes, letting people look outward without the risk of sunshine blurring their sight.

We still need the sun because it provides us the right amount of Vitamin D, strengthening bones, and improving our immune system. Being outside keeps us active and in better shape than sitting inside doing nothing. So, while the dangers of high sunbeams should not deter us from going out, we must be aware that it's not all safe with a clear sky and extreme heat. South Florida, the Middle East, and Australia can attest to that danger. school playground equipment

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