Smoking these days is more of a habitual thing than an addiction

by Jack S. Packaging Consultant iCustomBoxes

Smoking these days is more of a habitual thing than an addiction

It is a fact that people are smoking not because of fulfilling their addiction. They are in a habit to have of smoke just to look cool and show off their smoking habits. The majority of masses are the teenagers that are smoking in order to look cool and stylish. Besides this, people who are involved in this habit are compelled to smoke even if they do not want to. Although, there are many side effects of Cigarettes. Other than this, people especially youngsters fell prey to this habit. As a result, they are accustomed to having Cardboard Cigarette Boxes no matter what situation they have to face due to this habit.

Other than this, once it becomes the habit of anyone then that would be difficult to get rid of it. There are some chances to nip in the bud. It only happens if the smoker only has started smoking and it can be stopped at the very starting point. But that is a rare case, compare to this, people get into trouble and then there is no way to come back. The consumption of nicotine included in Cigarettes is the main ingredient that causes further tension. Besides, once people started smoking then it’s hard for them to get rid of it.

Print warnings on blank cigarette boxes to prevent underage smoking

The era in which we are living has many disadvantages besides its advantages. Such as we are living in an era that is full of facilities and conveniences. Along with this, there are many disadvantages as well. Drugs addiction is one of them. Technology has increased the ratio of smoking by creating a fascination with Blank Cigarette Boxes in movies and serials. Youngsters who are underage are also addicted to this habit. As school goings or college going boys and girls really want to look cool and also want to be famous among their circle. If they do not have another talent or ability to be famous the habit of smoking makes them cool.

Though it is not easy to abandon the habit of smoking. But the way children or underage group fascinated towards smoking. You can use that trick in order to get rid of this habit. Such as the printing of disadvantages and warnings on blank cigarette boxes is quite helpful. Besides this, the use of distorted pictures and images that are describing the side effects are also helpful in this regard. And you can get these kinds of boxes from us. We have different ideas that prove handy in preventing underage smoke.

What are the different Health hazards of excessive smoking?

All the ingredients that are including in cigarettes cause dangerous effects on human health. For example, there are more than 13 elements in the paper cigarette boxes, and that all are dangerous to health. Especially the nicotine and tar, nicotine is such a disastrous element that affects the normal functioning of the brain and from there other diseases start. Though there are many symptoms of smoking. Here are some major diseases that later caused death.

Such as, Cancer, lungs cancer, breathing issues that later turns into chronic issues, heart issues, blood circulation issues, diabetes, different kind of infection to the body, dental problems, and also the loss of vision and hearing. Besides the physical issues, there are also psychological issues are also there that caused by excessive smoking. One of the major issues is people who do not like smoking start avoiding smokers. As a result, smoking causes and damages the social circle as well. And that further causes loneliness and later some dangerous neurotic issues as well.

Tip and tricks to quit smoking

Apparently to quit smoking is the most difficult thing but getting rid of this habit is not impossible. This can be a nip in the bud, if not then there is a whole process and exits the system of rehabilitation centers. Besides this, there are many ways that are helpful in quitting smoking. For example,

At the first point just contact your doctor and ask for nicotine alternatives.

Different physical activities or exercises.

Get some flavored chew gums.

Be with your family and friends

Try to get off the temptation of having just the last one and have something else to eat.

Join a gym or start yoga 

Statistics of people dying from tobacco and hash smoking

The initial stages or symptoms are not deadly but this further lead you to harmful and deadly habits. Such as cancer, heart attack, the circulation of blood, and different deadly issues of bronchitis. According to the survey of WHO, more than 8 million people died because of tobacco consumptions. As tobacco causes different kinds of diseases the ratio of those is more than 1 million deaths. And 7 million deaths are due to the direct effects of tobacco.


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