Smartphone Repairs and Replacements are becoming A Bigger Problem for Companies

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It is not easy to find figures on the number of company smartphones in our country or the percentage of users who use a terminal provided by their company (exclusively or in addition to their personal device); but there is a particularly worrying figure for companies , and it is the cost they must pay for these terminals, their maintenance and Smartphone Repair Services. According to a survey carried out by the manufacturer Cat (which creates smartphones that are robust or adapted to professional use), 70 percent of those responsible for purchasing devices for companies indicate that smartphones are very easily damaged, there is also a70 percent of business leaders believe they are spending more than ever on business phones and half say smartphone repair and replacement is a growing issue in their business.


Luxury smartphones, a luxury that companies cannot afford?


It is natural that employees are delighted to have the latest phone from Apple , Samsung , Google, LG , Huawei … The problem is that the tendency to make them more luxurious with glass and metal construction, with huge screens without frames and ultra-slim designs it also makes them very fragile for professionals; who also tend to have less precautions and care when it comes to the company mobile than when it is the personal phone. To make matters worse, many of these high-end phones are very difficult and expensive to repair, since they use very expensive components such as OLED screens. laminated ones that require changing the glass and screen if there is a break (repair that costs between 150 and 360 euros), and have glass backs that are also much more fragile than polycarbonate (which is hardly used in smartphones anymore) or aluminium (which gives a very pleasant touch but scratches and dents relatively easily).


The study is partly "interested" because it is promoted by a company, Cat, which precisely manufactures resistant smartphones, in addition to offering other special features for certain sectors such as infrared cameras to detect the temperature of objects, or systems to take precise measurements that are needed in fields such as engineering or construction.


According to the study published by Cat phones, the presence of robust devices is increasingly important in the work environment, due to the increase in costs and the loss of productivity caused by the acquisition of standard phones, which are too fragile for intensive work use. , as well as because of how expensive their repairs are and the numerous replacements that they end up requiring.


69% of business owners feel phones are easily damaged


According to the survey, carried out among mobile phone purchasers in 497 European companies, 69% of users feel that phones are easily damaged. 69% also think they are spending more money than ever on business phones . In fact, more than half of those surveyed say that repairing and replacing damaged devices is a growing problem in their business.


99% of business phone buyers have had to deal with damage to their company phone in the last three years, with 86% saying there has been damage significant enough to require repair or replacement of the business device. an employee. Common causes that make a phone temporarily inoperable are: broken screen (62%), physical breakage of the phone itself (47%), water damage (44%) and failures caused by ingress of dust or sand on the device (21%).


Productivity also suffers when employees work without a mobile phone while theirs is being repaired or replaced. 31 % of the companies have reported a great impact on productivity and a further 40% speak of a notable impact on productivity due to this situation (71% of companies affected in general). This is compounded by repair times. Only 21% say repairs take one business day, while the majority (63%) say repairs can take anywhere from two days to one business week. 16% have seen that some repairs take even longer.


Up to 650 euros of cost to repair a smartphone


Research carried out by leading mobile communications analysts, CCS Insight, indicates that one in three European consumers has had their smartphone screen broken in the last three years. Replacing a cracked screen on a high-end smartphone without insurance isn't cheap . For example, screen repair on newer smartphones can cost anywhere from $150 to $360, while other major repairs like liquid or water damage or fixing broken buttons could cost up to $650.


In a business context, where buyers buy multiple devices for the development of their work activity, these costs increase rapidly . Even with the economies of scale associated with business service contracts.


Ben Wood, chief researcher at CCS Insight, says: “ The fragility of modern smartphones has become a real problem. It's not surprising that businesses are looking for more rugged devices, seeing the costs associated with phone repair and the impact on productivity every time a device breaks."


Thus, the durability of the device has become one of the main considerations to be taken into account by IT departments and those in charge of purchasing mobile phones in companies, in addition to usual considerations such as connectivity, security and the productivity of the device and the applications to be used.


44 percent of companies willing to switch to a rugged device


Obviously, the greatest reluctance of companies may have to do with the refusal of the employee to use a device that may not be as aesthetically attractive as high-end mobiles for the consumer or general market. However, almost half of European organizations are considering switching to terminals better suited to their needs. 44% of companies, according to Cat, are considering replacing their current portfolio with rugged devices.


Smartphones with cheaper repairs and longer lifespan, the demand of organizations


A few years ago, when the advancement of smartphones could be considered faster, users felt the need to replace their terminal every one or two seasons . However, today many wonder if they really need a larger screen, have three cameras or more connection speed, when there are no applications that justify or provide a significant difference, and more so when the prices of high-end terminals High continue to rise to figures increasingly far from the average pocket. Furthermore, as the Cat study explains, expensive repairs or frequent replacement they make the money customers have to spend over the life of their device multiplied over the initial purchase price. According to a CSS study , in Western Europe, users keep their phones for an average of 40 months. Since a device is likely to require Smartphone Screen Repair Services at some point in its lifespan, the total cost of the phone can increase significantly. Thus, expectations about a mobile phone are high and the life cycles of the devices are lengthening, something also motivated by economic circumstances.


Therefore, it is logical that companies (and also users) start looking towards more resistant devices. According to Cat, one of its customers in United Kingdom says that, of a total of more than 1,000 Cat mobiles that he uses in his company, 83% are still working and only 4% have needed to go to the repair service.


More responsible consumption, less luxury and more utility


In any case, the call is not only for companies and the terminals that they give to their employees; but for an entire industry that has to rethink the rationality of going for more luxurious, more delicate and more expensive devices every year in an environment in which users increasingly value responsible consumption and utility over status symbols or the features provided by the highest-end mobiles. Some brands have understood it, but it is perhaps time for the greats of the industry to understand it.

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